Music to sooth the savage soul

Just kidding. Your soul isn’t savage. I hope. But in case you need soothing, I have just the thing for you.

I’ve written about Cynthia before HERE.

I couldn’t resist this song. It’s not a new recording and it’s not a new song. In fact it’s a really old tune with Spanish roots, set to lyrics written by Christian songwriter, Mrs. Mary S.B. Dana in 1840.  And I love it.

Clawson nails it in her 1977 release of Flee as a Bird.

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4 Responses to Music to sooth the savage soul

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    We had opportunity to hear Cynthia in concert at The Sanctuary in Austin 2 weeks ago. She programmed a variety of tunes from love songs to sacred to her husband’s own “In Remembrance of Me.” Her voice is still wonderful! As a side note–my other half played bass for several of her productions at HPC (now HPU), and this was the first time to see her in person since those concerts in the early 70’s!


    • The Queen says:

      I had forgotten her hubby wrote that! The music director…Rod ?…asked me to sing it with him as duet and I fell in loved with it. Mary Elaine played the flute to make up the 3rd part of a trio. Cynthia and I were sorority sisters in college. What a voice!!


  2. Kitty says:

    I remember hearing her voice the first time when she sang “Softly and Tenderly” for the movie, “Trip To Bountiful” – beautiful.


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