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Pardon our aroma

I read the March 28th article at the Daily Caller this morning and it brought up a subject that I first heard about…oh, maybe 10 years ago on a radio talk show. When the host mentioned that one day, there … Continue reading

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Bluebonnet Legends

Today was our oldest granddaughter’s 9th birthday, who requested the American Girl doll, Kaya AND a cake to match!  No small orders, these grands of ours!! I was pretty blank on how to incorporate Kaya into a cake.  But then … Continue reading

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Country Walks

After spending most of the day working on birthday cakes, interspersed with phone calls, doorbells and the welcome help of a four-year old…I went for a walk.  I’m trying to up my exercise routine in preparation for upcoming trips and … Continue reading

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Bluebonnets Forever!

So…today I had to go run errands in a town north of us.  Every store I went into had blue. Lots of blue.  Blue everywhere. One of those places was my favorite yarn shop.  I needed another ball of yarn … Continue reading

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Oaks are busting out all o-over…

  Spring certainly isn’t.  For sure.  Tulips are trying to say hello. Daffodils are struggling.  Iris bed is still mostly dead leaves from last year.  Even the apricot tree is at a stand still and it’s the eternal front row … Continue reading

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As the Wind Blows

OK everyone who is now humming the theme to “As the World Turns”, raise your hand!! It’s been brutal all day.  The weather crew says less wind tomorrow.  We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve spent the day cleaning out more … Continue reading

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Mallorie’s Scarf of Many colors

Yep, I was humming Dolly’s “Coat of Many Colors” as I worked on this one.  It was SUPER fast and turned out better than I had hoped for. I just wasn’t sure about all of the colors but wow, it … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Important things are happening!  Spraying weeds is at the top of the list, with working cattle right behind. Kids are on Spring Break so tonight is Cousin’s Night…baking, cooking and organizing at the top of MY list. I’ve finished my … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with this Picture? or Part 2

OR Everything is upside down. To continue the saga of  yesterday’s, The Queen Against the World… Note: Just so you know…I realize that the Swimsuit Edition as been out for several weeks. I don’t get out much. Or often. And … Continue reading

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Of Swimsuits, Hastings and Little Girls-Part 1

Hastings and the “let’s see how much money we can wring out of the American male public just one more time” rag, Sports Illustrated…I’m not happy with either of them. Why? What is decency anymore?  Do our children or grandchildren … Continue reading

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