Ah Ted we hardly knew ye

Ted E. Bear

I had a visitor recently. I wasn’t planning for him at all. I hadn’t even thought about him for years. Oh sure I remembered him and all of his silly quirks.

I remembered how he used to show up out of nowhere. And how he’d hide. Oh how he could hide. He was/is a world-class hider. I have spent literal HOURS searching this little guy out…looking under beds, searching through toy chests, checking out the trash and always, eventually..after many many hours, THERE HE WAS/IS!!!!

Oh the joy! Oh the happy! A little boy’s best friend was once again home! Which meant we could sleep once again. And quit looking.

How the little guy came into the family, no one knows for certain. He came a long time ago…about 33 years ago maybe? But just exactly where he came from is a mystery…a granny, a family friend, a cousin?

But came he did! He bounded into a little boy’s heart. To stay. The little boy drug him with him everywhere. Especially on trips. Our car was seen turning around…usually at the cattle guard…many times.  Or maybe 11 miles down the road. It got to the point where all of his brothers would check for Ted as we went out of the door. The universal question in the driveway was “Has someone got Ted?”

Yep. His name was Ted. I never said this bunch was good at original names for beloved objects. After all the patriarch of the family named his dog “Pooch”. Sad but true.

Anyway the little boy slept with Ted and played with Ted and ate with Ted. We drew the line at bathtime tho. Ted’s bath was accomplished in the washing machine as the little boy would camp out by the washing machine…just in case. Of what I have no idea. But once Ted was nice and clean, he had to be made fluffy. So the dryer was the next step. By the time Ted emerged from that appliance, the little boy was nearly beside himself with worry. At long last Ted was plopped in to the waiting arms of one happy little boy!

But eventually, the little boy grew up and spent his time on baseball fields, basketball courts, football fields and tractor driving. While Ted sat on the bed. Then the little boy left home for college. And Ted waited for him in the closet.

Eventually, the little boy married and had little girls of his own. And Ted found a new little person to live with as Ted was plopped into the waiting arms of the little boy’s little girl!!  Ted was around to entertain and love a whole new generation!

And…he came to see me a while back when the little girl came over for a sleepover. Imagine my surprise when the little boy’s little girl waltzed in with Ted firmly clasped in her hands. She asked me if I knew Ted. I told her “Yeah. We are old friends!”

The prodigal bear, come home.

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2 Responses to Ah Ted we hardly knew ye

  1. Jana Rima says:

    Nice “True” Story!!!
    As I read this thoughts of a lady in our church before Jonea was born ….we just received notice she had gone to live with Jesus….her family had moved her from her so we haven’t seen her in along time…..my thoughts wandered back to a corner in the dresser down in Jonea’s room where a once loved pink blanket is in a soft bundle but cause its in shreds….given to Jonea by this lady….along with a baby quilt….we still have both…Jonea thinks I should throw the ball of soft thermal fabric away,,,but Its a reminder of what love does….it is given and passed down….I love fabric no matter what size…LOL….Thanks for sharing your family story…


    • The Queen says:

      awwww sweet story! It’s hard to get rid of stuff like that. I have a box of MY baby clothes that I’m trying to decide what I am going to do with? Saw a quilt made of old baby clothes but other than that, have No clue what’s next!


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