Of Swimsuits, Hastings and Little Girls-Part 1

Hastings and the “let’s see how much money we can wring out of the American male public just one more time” rag, Sports Illustrated…I’m not happy with either of them.

Why? What is decency anymore?  Do our children or grandchildren even know what it means to be decent….modest…classy?  Just go to any superstore and you’ll see anything from pajamas to jeans so tight that you must be melted and poured into…boobs flopping all over the place…butt cracks on display along with miscellaneous tattoos. Are we teaching our children, especially our little girls, to cover themselves up?

Remember the ’60s when pastors and parents were preaching about mini-skirts?  All of us in high school avoided our principal like the plague because he carried around a yard stick and if  he thought a  skirt was too short, he would measure it. You heard me. He’d ask you to kneel and if the skirt didn’t touch the floor, you went home.  Really.

Flash forward 40+ years, and now…you can’t take a little kid into Hastings without having nearly bare butts stuck right in their faces.  Seriously?!  I mean…there is NO other place in that store to park these ladies…wait…not the right word.  Hang on. I’ll come up with something.

It happened to me and my eight year old granddaughter yesterday and we were both shell-shocked as our jaws hit the floor.  About 10 steps into the store, you had to come face to butt with the infamous yearly Swimsuit Edition.  How lovely. How very convenient. There was NO getting around them. We had NO choice.  Well we did. We left. Fast. After I expressed my disgust to the store manager. Nicely. 🙂

And where was the Children’s Book section?  Why, it’s waaaaay back there in the very far back corner of the store.  Naturally.  Makes sense right?  Now, not all Hastings stores have their kids stuff in the back so maybe it’s just our local store that does this. I hope.

So it just makes sense to have this “almost porn” residing at the front of the store so every, single child MUST walk past this trash. Right?

Describe the trash aka magazine cover:  Must I really?  OK to save those of you who hate this stuff from actually having to look it…let’s try this…imagine 3 beautiful girls, with no tops on… long flowing hair…teensy tiny G-string thingys planted strategically over their derrieres covering about 1/100th of their collective rearends. And the rearends are posed in such a way that said rears look absolutely deranged…goofy…contorted.

And that, my friends is it. Oh. And each one has a hand laid gently on the other’s butts while they glance around at their audience ever so innocently.  Oh.  And one more thing…sweet model on the far left has just enough right boob exposed to pass the litmus test for porn (apparently?) because it is ever so slightly hidden by the next model’s long, flowing hair.  Got it?

Then multiply the 3 butts by 4.  That’s what was on display for EVERY LITTLE KID in Dodge City to see.

Do you sense my outrage?  And before you say…what about TV?!!  What about the movies?!! Not to mention the internet websites, blogs, etc.  It is everywhere.

Are we this stupid?  Bored? Gullible? Are we this desensitized to the filth of our culture?  Ask James Dobson.  He served on President Reagan’s commission on pornography in 1986. He says that the images he saw during those hearings still haunt him.  That’s how powerful the eye and mind are.  Do the words of that long-ago Sunday school song come back to you…Oh be careful, little eyes, what you see?

What our culture is doing to our little girls’ self-images is nothing short of criminal.

Do we really want them to grow up and become these…poor, mislead, sad models who were once little girls?  Not a chance! Not. A. Chance.

Questions floating around my mind at around 1:00 this AM…

Who buys this junk? Or for that matter any of the porn?  I know…age old debate.

How much porn does Hastings, Barnes and Noble, etc. carry and how do they decide where to place it?  And how “pornish” can their porn  get before the Powers That Be declare them unfit even for their store? And do they REALLY check IDs for those who purchase these Hustler, Playboy and other ilk?

Yep. I’m on a roll.  When I can’t even take a kid into a bookstore without being slammed with Model Butt…well, I get testy.  Just a little.

Update: Hastings District Manager just called and apologized with the bonus of new info…Hastings is remodeling and remapping their stores, with children’s books up front.  The SIs were not “supposed” to be at the front of the store and were “supposed” to have wraps on them.  Huh.

More tomorrow…

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12 Responses to Of Swimsuits, Hastings and Little Girls-Part 1

  1. Kitty says:

    I am one of those numbered with you, oh Queen. We are a member of the “peculiar people” group. Few though we be, we must soldier on for those who are coming behind us. I want my little Princesses to remember me as their Mawmie who taught Truth and Right. Never. Give. Up.


  2. E Lee Musil says:

    Kudos for your blog about Hastings!
    Your standing up for decency is greatly appreciated!
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Suzann Loudermilk Coffey says:

    Amen to that Debbie!! I haven’t been in our Hastings lately but I did notice they are remodeling. They have huge containers in front of the store. I will be going in there before I take said little ones in!!


  4. heartfelt4 says:

    You said it all, Queenie! We need to fight for our children and grandchildren! If we don’t, who will?


  5. chmjr2 says:

    The swimsuit issue of SI is the main reason I do not subscribe to this magazine. But I am a minority on that subject. However I will give Hastings credit for their quick response to you. I was just in our local Barnes & Noble and did not notice any huge display of the swimsuit issue. That is not to say they could have had a small one on a end cap but I did not notice. The Children section is in the back of the store. I however like that as it is set up like it’s own little book store. They have special reading at times and they do not have to worry about a lot of people moving in and out. On the other subject of how people dress to go out in public I could not agree with you more.


    • The Queen says:

      You ARE a minority but WOW! Unfortunately, the quick response is beginning to look like faulty info was shared in regards to company directives. Still waiting for a call back on that one! Giving credit where credit is due, I did a piece back in Feb. about a signing at Hastings north of us by a children’s lit author and illustrator, Jan Brett. I was impressed with Hastings over that deal and their children’s section was towards the front. We can only hope…


  6. Thanks for your post. I really appreciate you sharing and I must say, I completely understand sounding off over this issue. I have been known to share my “feelings” a time or two. Sometimes my 24 year old daughter has to LEAD ME OUT OF THE STORE…Now I had better not get started.


    • The Queen says:

      I guess it’s the “under cover” strategies here that bug me most?! What’s next? Swimsuit edition of Good Housekeeping..Organic Gardening? That and putting it on display WITH children’s books. holy moly.


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