What’s Wrong with this Picture? or Part 2

Everything is upside down.

To continue the saga of  yesterday’s, The Queen Against the World

Note: Just so you know…I realize that the Swimsuit Edition as been out for several weeks. I don’t get out much. Or often. And when I finally do get out, it’s an adventure.

So, having absolutely nothing else to do yesterday, I went to the Dodge Hastings to see IF action had really been taken. It had. I did a quick walk-thru and saw the offending mags nowhere. And I dropped off Big Bosses’ glasses for a tune-up.

I felt reassured that The Truth had been spoken and the manager had lived up to his word. Yay me and him.

Next stop was to the west…many many errands to run there. So I thought that since I was there, it might be a good idea to check:


Cute how Kristoff is peeking around the corner?!

Hastings: This store’s display is even worse that the first one of 2 days ago. Swimsuit models are right up against to and next to FROZEN merchandise!!!! Freakin Frozen next to the Huge Backsides!! GIVE ME A BREAK.

I talked to the manager. I pointed to the 2 displays and asked, “What do you see here that could be wrong?” Uh, well…I rescued her with, “Giant Butts next to kid movie…” She “understood exactly how I felt cause she doesn’t like it either”??? So WHY are they next door neighbors then? She thought and offered her astute theory…”I guess the dads can look thru SI while the kids look thru Frozen stuff?” Are you kidding me!!? I asked her if every Hastings placed them up front. “Yes. It’s the company directive. It’s our best-seller.” Holy $$$$. I called the district manager. He was gone so I unloaded on the assistant. She was appalled. She was shocked. This just wouldn’t do. “I’ll have him call you.”

Nothing yet. The store manager promised to move them tho. Lord only knows where….

Target: where I found SI in the back of the store at eye level. After I located the manager,I asked him “what’s wrong with this picture”, as I point to the Gargantuan Rears. “Well, that’s where the vendor puts them.” You can’t move them? “Nope. That’s where Sports Illustrated ALWAYS goes.” Really? We can’t just rearrange some? “Nope.” Wish I would’ve snuck back in and done just that. But he’s gonna talk to someone about it. Huh. Oh and he agrees with me but wow, nobody else has complained which doesn’t make me feel better.

Dillons: I was certain they would be clean. Nope although SI was at the back/side of the store but, eye level, front row  in a neon green plastic box that’s semi-transparent to kinda blur the Bountiful Derrieres. That made me feel better. Not. The green box just screamed to any curious shopper (especially kids) “Wonder WHY there’s a green box sitting in the middle of all these magazines??!”

OK, so now that my day was completely in ashes…


Actually, the mag with the Jesus image was over SI, ironically enough. I shoved it over for the pic, then returned it to its original spot.

Sams:   YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS…the (seemingly) Growing Tooshies were front and center on the the mag rack, eye level.

I spent the next 5 mins. hiding them amongst various magazine wherever I could…1 at a time. All over the place. I thought about waving at the security cameras in the process. But I was on a mission and had one more store to check.

Walmart was the only store without the trash. Yay Walmart!!! Guess where I bought my Frozen movie and Rush Limbaugh book? Take that Hastings and Target. And Sam’s and Dillons.

I halfway expected to find the Humongous Heinies at Menards and Home Depot. That would’ve been the final straw…

I’m just getting started.

And I learned that SI Swimsuit has Swimsuit covers, front AND back. I also hit my favorite greenhouse/nursery and got advice on my baby oak trees.  They do NOT carry SI or any magazines. Thank goodness!

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6 Responses to What’s Wrong with this Picture? or Part 2

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    Hi Debbie, I couldn’t access “What’s wrong with this picture?” post on your blog, just to let you know.  Hope you and Ronnie are well. How’s his shoulder? Dan just re-hurt his ‘good’ shoulder, formerly his ‘bad’ shoulder, by raking some gravel. He’s very down about how badly he’s recovering. Will be making plans to see an orthopedic next week if we can get an appointment. He thinks he has two torn rotator cuffs, but will not have them repaired until the end of the season, Oct-Nov so he will have plenty of time to recover over the winter. It’s too late now to have anything done, since the season is upon us. Is that the same surgery that Ronnie had?

    We will be opening the gift shop tomorrow. Got off to a much later start than usual because of the construction project and all the health issues. I wish you could see the new room, it looks lovely!

    Well, I should go to sleep now! Talk to you soon, Debbie!

    Love, Pat


    • The Queen says:

      Sorry…I had it scheduled and then decided to wait until tomorrow. Then I forgot to change it. You’ll see it in the AM. Darn these shoulders. Ronnie’s might be a little better. Got him a compression shirt by Tommy Copper. May help but too soon to know…just wore it today. Take pics!!!


  2. Ann Beadel says:

    Why, oh why, did I get the message “Page not found”? Is it revenge for the prior post or…?


  3. Jana Rima says:

    Just FYI…….some of those vendors pay dollars for that space….that’s prolly why the one manager said the vendors put them there…maybe …and maybe not…but theres money tied to where they place them…..in some businesses…(wasn’t in ours but I know that’s why there are magazine racks on some endcaps of the checkout centers…….just saying….tied to monies….I know the Holy Spirit is giving you words to say!!! Praying for the Mission!!


    • The Queen says:

      Funny you should mention that…I prayed for 40 miles that I would say the right words…to make my point but not be obnoxious. Tough to do!! LOL! Thanks for the insights..learning more every day!!


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