Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Photo courtesy of Texas Bluebonnet Sightings by Elaine.

Photo courtesy of Texas Bluebonnet Sightings by Elaine.

Important things are happening!  Spraying weeds is at the top of the list, with working cattle right behind.

Kids are on Spring Break so tonight is Cousin’s Night…baking, cooking and organizing at the top of MY list.

I’ve finished my 6th…SIXTH!!!…scarf and am thinking I may get the hang of knitting yet!?


This is Sprout now at 3 weeks and counting.

And…there are 4 other sprouts struggling up through the potting soil!!!!!

Can you believe it? And just look at those leaves?!! Yes, it has been a loooong winter…


But more importantly, the Bluebonnet Reports are, at long last, beginning to trickle in.

Our faithful reporter in Central Texas and former classmate, Dianne, wrote on March 17:

“Reported on the news, the first bluebonnets showing at Enchanted Rock State Park. Supposed to be a great season this year. We traveled east to Galveston but I saw no bluebonnets. It was still chilly this weekend.”

She also sent a fantastic site that tracks the blooms:

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7 Responses to Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  1. Kitty says:

    I’m nosy. What’s under the dome in the terracotta pots? Sprout is beautiful!


  2. purplepk says:

    Thank you for the bluebonnet website. I’m a Texan and bluebonnet are my favorite flowers. What a wonderful time of year.


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