Bluebonnets Forever!

So…today I had to go run errands in a town north of us.  Every store I went into had blue. Lots of blue.  Blue everywhere.


One of those places was my favorite yarn shop.  I needed another ball of yarn to finish up a scarf and of course the blue screamed at me!  “Pick ME!!  I’m the color of bluebonnets!!!”

Of course I picked it and another one, just in case I might need more.  You never know.

And then…a gorgeous top at another store had bluebonnets written all over it as  the blues graduated from deep, deep blue, to medium blue to light blue to white.  Just. Like. A. Bluebonnet.  No, I managed to walk out without it.  Yay me. (That of course doesn’t mean I won’t go back after it. Eventually.)

Which reminds me…I need to get another granddaughter’s scarf up.  It’s a yummy, super soft alpaca pink.  I may need one at some point.


And this is what I’m working on for my mom.


Shhhhh. Don’t tell.  Her birthday is coming up and she asked for something with “rose/mauve”  in it.  Actually I have another one started in another yarn but it has the rose in it too.  She gets to pick. For some reason, the colors didn’t come true in this pic. Lots pinker than it shows.



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4 Responses to Bluebonnets Forever!

  1. Ann Edgar says:

    You are doing such a good job on your scarves, very pretty. It’s not my birthday???


  2. Kitty says:

    You’ve matched that pink perfectly with those sweet cheeks. What a beauty!


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