Oaks are busting out all o-over…


imageSpring certainly isn’t.  For sure.  Tulips are trying to say hello. Daffodils are struggling.  Iris bed is still mostly dead leaves from last year.  Even the apricot tree is at a stand still and it’s the eternal front row kid that is always waving his hands saying, “I know. I know.”

For now the eternal “me first” green things are stuck in behind Mother Nature’s curtain waiting for their grand entrance.

But not the oak trees.  My grand experiment with the Burr Oak acorns…so far…is running at 8 out of 11!  Big Boss is certain I’m going to worry them to death with all of my checking and prodding and adding a little more soil/water and measuring…

Sorry but this a bit like waiting the nine months for a human baby.  These babies have been hatching since they fell off the tree back in October/November.  They’ve been coddled and nurtured and turned and talked to…ahem, well not much.  Just a little.

Of course, I hesitate to boast too much so I’ll brag just a little…Big Sprout is hitting 6″ with 5 leaves.  Right behind him are 3 Little Sprouts really trying hard to get their act together.  Then there are Wannabe Sprouts, 3 of them, with roots but nothing peeking out of the soil yet.  And 4 are yet to exhibit any signs of life yet.


Here’s the procedure…as soon as each acorn hit the ground, I snatched them up.  They were were bigger and fatter than last year’s crop.  All of them passed the float test…drop them in a glass of water and if they sink, they’re good.  If they float, no good.


From there they headed for a nest of peat moss in a plastic bag and sat in my fridge for about 3 months.  Then I placed each one on their side halfway into the seeding soil with the top half exposed.  I kept them watered and moist but not drenched.  I also placed clear plastic glassed over each acorn to create a mini-greenhouse. They have all sat in my south windows.


And that’s it!  I’ve transplanted the first Sprout into a larger pot.  Our extension agent says to keep it potted until it’s ready to plant at which time I’ll make a wire cage to surround it and protect it from rabbits and deer.

I will also have my gun loaded.  This. Is. Serious.



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2 Responses to Oaks are busting out all o-over…

  1. Kitty says:

    We’re all rootin’ for you, Sprout!!!


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