Bluebonnet Legends

Bluebonnet Legends cake

Today was our oldest granddaughter’s 9th birthday, who requested the American Girl doll, Kaya AND a cake to match!  No small orders, these grands of ours!!

I was pretty blank on how to incorporate Kaya into a cake.  But then I remembered my The Legend of the Bluebonnet book by Tomie de Paola that was filed away in our book shelves!  Perfect!!

Icing bluebonnets closeup

Did a little sketch.  Researched some.  Hit the jackpot on Pinterest!  And came up with an idea.  With the birthday girl painting the tipi, the project was completed.


Son #2 insisted that the little Indian girl was Pocahontas.  We tried to explain that this was “She Who is Alone” holding her dear doll



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9 Responses to Bluebonnet Legends

  1. Fancy Nancy says:

    So cute! The bluebonnets are beautiful! And tell the birthday girl happy birthday and great job on the tipi!


  2. Ann Edgar says:

    Tell sweet Jessie, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and the bluebonnets make the cake double awesome!!


  3. Dianne says:

    An unforgettable cake.


  4. Suzann Coffey says:

    Very nice for the Birthday girl!! You’re a good Granny Debbie!


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