Pardon our aroma

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images and "Barr Bee".

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images and “Barr Bee”.

I read the March 28th article at the Daily Caller this morning and it brought up a subject that I first heard about…oh, maybe 10 years ago on a radio talk show. When the host mentioned that one day, there would be regulations for cattle flatulence, I laughed! That was the MOST ridiculous thing I’d ever heard of. What idiot came up with that? How the heck were they going to implement that rather distasteful reg? And more importantly, WHY???!

Silly me. I wasn’t quite up on the whole “Global Warming” frenzy yet. While the wackos were working themselves up into a lather over supposed climate temps fluctuating, farmers nationwide quietly kept working and doing what farmers do. Only doing it more efficiently than their grandads did because they have a nation to feed..and part of the globe, for that matter.

Here’s the thing…cattle have been flatulating ever since God made them. So do all of those kangaroos in Australia, and the monkeys in Africa, and the moose and elk in Canada…and well, you get the picture. Who are we to limit the Flatulence Freedom of animals? How bigoted is THAT?!

Come on White House! You really want cows to “Hold It”? You don’t have more pressing matters to attend to?

Three words come to mind…THIS IS CRAZZZZZY!!!!!

Questions are being asked at to what procedure will be used to measure and therefore limit cow gas.

Internal catalytic filters?

Giant “Gas Barns” in which cows are herded inside a sealed atmosphere to fart at specified times in order for the methane to be confined and processed.

The cow version of Beano.

None of above. Monitors will most likely be posted throughout pens and when the methane level reaches the government mandated limit, the farmer/rancher will be required to eliminate cattle by say, 25%?

Numbers. Numbers is the game. What happens when the numbers of cattle go down? The cost goes up. Scarcity in meat, milk, cheese.

Of course that will make the vegans happy. And the Sierra Club. And the environmentalists.

Then, of course, the pigs, chickens, goats, sheep will be next.

Who knows. The Department of Parks and Wildlife could get right in line. You know..all those deer and bears are endangering the climate too.

Yes. There are people out there who think this is great idea. God help us.

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2 Responses to Pardon our aroma

  1. Kitty says:

    Some john brown jack leg what thinks his don’t stink laid awake many a night to come up w / this. Bless his plugged up heart.


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