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Scarves Anonymous

You’re right.  I have a penchant for scarves.  For a reason.  Well, several actually. They are fast. They don’t take much yarn. Therefore, they are inexpensive. They are easy. They are warm. They are pretty. They are fun. They have … Continue reading

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Same but Different, Old but New

Old/Same: New/Different: Tonight was the big party…Mols turned 5.  She met me on the back porch with hands over her mouth and eyes like saucers.  Birthdays are SO exciting.  Her big sis had announced our arrival…rather the arrival of The … Continue reading

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Need a makeover?

Don’t look at me.  Unless you’re made of gumpaste. What’s that?, you might say. Well, I could “attempt” making you over in the flesh but not really my area of speciality. Not that gumpaste is my speciality or that I’m … Continue reading

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The Great Squirrel War

I’ve always chuckled at photos on Facebook that feature little critters.  Not that I thought the critters were automatically “cute”  but I chuckle at us humans spending so much time admiring them.  Especially squirrels. Do these folks realize that if … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of…

All sorts of things going on right now…everyone is anxiously waiting to plant corn. Cattle are being moved. Irrigation wells are getting maintenance updates. If it doesn’t rain soon, pre-irrigation will begin for corn fields. Tractors must be serviced. And … Continue reading

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Wish you were here!!

This just in…Fredricksburg Wild Seed Center…chock full of wonderful plants and stuff! I’ll take 2 of each! On the road to Austin to visit the Lady Bird Wildflower Center. Update following….

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Don’t run over the bluebonnets

So…guess where I am?!!!! Yep. That’s right. I am in the Great State of Texas…the Lonestar State…the kingdom of George Strait…where armadillos and roadrunners roam along with horny toads and rattlesnakes and scorpions. But best of all…where bluebonnets reside really … Continue reading

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A Braiding Meemaw or One Woman’s Dream

About 10 years ago, I discovered the art of braiding hair…French, that is.  I was in awe…complete and total awe.  So beautiful but so unattainable.  I had bid adieu to long hair decades earlier and had no little girls to … Continue reading

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When Fabric and Flowers Meet

Feast your eyes on these beauties! Unbelievable skill and creativity. Wow.  

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Do you wanna see some bluebonnets?

*sung to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman??”* Somebody slap me…. But, on the other hand we could all do with a nice, big dose of blue. Right? Like this….

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