Need a makeover?

Don’t look at me.  Unless you’re made of gumpaste.

What’s that?, you might say.

Well, I could “attempt” making you over in the flesh but not really my area of speciality.

Not that gumpaste is my speciality or that I’m great at it.  But frankly, I’m more comfortable making-over gumpaste.

I did a “makeover” on Gumpaste Thorin a while back.

Hobbit cake parts Thorin rabbits


When I did a Mermaid cake for a special one-year old last year, I saved the mermaid and prayed someone would request another mermaid cake.

Madi's mermaid

Tipis and Frozen cakes have been popular though.

I was getting ready to “mothball” Madi’s Mermaid when her big sis said she’d like a mermaid cake!  Yeah!!

Only she wanted red hair on her mermaid. You know…like Ariel. OK. I can do that.

And the colors needed to be like Ariel’s.  That meant changing from aqua and peach to keep turquoise and purple.  Who knew?

Thanks to my handy dandy color dust, the color change was easy.

After getting rid of all the blonde/yellow hair, reddish hair was added with a different  style.  A little pink on lips and jazzing up the eyebrows and lashes, we now have a new mermaid.  Same but different.

Mollie's Mermaid

Oh. And a new tail.  Somehow the tail got busted up during storage.

So while the wind rages and teensy tiny rain drops attempt to fall *let it rain let it rain* cakes are in the oven with the new, improved mermaid watching over the project dutifully.

To be continued…

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4 Responses to Need a makeover?

  1. Kitty says:

    You’re so talented!


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    Amazing! 🙂


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