Same but Different, Old but New


Madi's mermaid


Mollie's mermaidTonight was the big party…Mols turned 5.  She met me on the back porch with hands over her mouth and eyes like saucers.  Birthdays are SO exciting.  Her big sis had announced our arrival…rather the arrival of The Cake and Mollie could hardly contain herself.



It was a color and theme coordinated event as Mollie wore her new Ariel dress, which coincidentally matched the cake.


Cups, napkins and plates continued the Princess Ariel theme…much to the dismay of they guy cousins.  One pleaded for a non-princess cup but meanie head Meemaw said get a grip and handed him his Orange Crush in a pink and purple princess cup.  Eyes were rolled, heavy sighs were heard as the he-man sat down with his cup and matching plates.  Life is good, yes?


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One Response to Same but Different, Old but New

  1. grammyjj says:

    and did you tell him “it builds character”… I can just hear you… 🙂


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