How lucky am I?!!!

Real. Lucky/fortunate/blessed!

I mean…Big Boss is always ahead of the game.  Anticipating and planning.

The man is ready for anything.  Unless it involves finding keys, wallets, gloves, phones…

But when it comes to shopping, he knows his stuff.

Like yesterday.  After naps and the final load of feed, he came in and said, “Let’s go somewhere.  A night out! A get-away!

I thought, “Why not?!  I still had makeup on and hairdo intact from church earlier in the day.” Made perfect sense.

So we piled into the truck and headed south on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  An adventure!

Our first stop was at the Tractor Supply store.  Yay!  He needed welding gloves, caps, some tools…ok! I thought I’d just browse through the deer repellents, squirrel traps and Roundup.  Oh the possibilities!

I made one round of the entire store and it was weird…he was still standing in front of the welding gloves…where I left him 15 minutes earlier.  It seems he was trying to decide between 1 pair or a package of 2. OK.

I made the second round and found him perusing tools.  The plan was to get hammers for the service truck…about 6 to be exact.  This was getting more exciting by the second.

Returning from the third store tour, BB was standing in front of the shovels. “Well, rats. I can’t find the shovel I wanted to get you.”

“For ME??!!”

It's even personalized!

It’s even personalized!

Very seriously, he answered with, “Well, yeah. You know for Mother’s Day.  I decided the other day that you need one but a certain style.”

Seeeee?  This man is thoughtful, sensitive my needs AND thinks ahead.   A full week ahead!!!

I followed with, ” What style would that be?”, hoping for the style that has an electric starter and digs on its own.

“It has a smaller shovel, shorter handle…something you can use in the garden.”

Could I ask for more?  Who needs those stinking BMWs, diamonds, cruises to Hawaii?

Oh.  I got a bonus.  One of the hammers was for ME!!! Oh. Happy. Day!!

Also personalized! Thank you Sharpie!!!

Also personalized! Thank you Sharpie!!!

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11 Responses to How lucky am I?!!!

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    And the rest of the story? I’m on pins and needles to see what RR has in store for the rest of your getaway! After reading the above, my smile is as big as Texas! What a hoot!


  2. Penny M. says:

    My first thought was tickets to The Crucible but I guess a hammer and shovel are almost as good…


  3. Ann Edgar says:

    Good grief, what more could you ask for???


  4. Kitty says:

    Your BB probably heard about that pressure washer Mr. Romance over there bought for my birthday several years ago. Men. Always trying to one-up one another. Lurve the table cloth, btw.


    • The Queen says:

      That table cloth seems to be a hit! One of my mom’s finds. We haunt antique stores and flea markets for retro cloths like that. And cup towels! YOU have a power washer all your very own???!! One lucky lady for sure!


  5. heartfelt4 says:

    You are VERY lucky, Queenie! I had to buy my own tools since the ones I had kept disappearing. My insurance policy against theft is to spray the handles of the hammer, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and the adjustable wrench a hot pink color. 😉

    I love that Big Boss thinks of the gardener in you and that you appreciate it. 😀


    • The Queen says:

      I’ve painted my name in pink on tools but stopped short of entire handles. But it’s a thought. Ladders and hoses are tough…my step ladder is MIA as I type. I wish you were closer. Just think…I could just move into your greenhouses 1


      • heartfelt4 says:

        I wish I was closer, too! The greenhouses are lovely, all budded and blossomed and full of color. You’d fit right in!


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