Houston…we have a problem!!!

Not sure if you’re aware, but…


Kids who had never seen a downpour, saw it RAIN.  Big time.  And hail. There wasn’t a lot of it, but enough so the kiddies can tell their grandchildren that once, they saw hail come from the heavens.

As reported a post or two ago, I watched from the back window (west) and the front porch.  I have to say…the smell of the ensuing storm was absolutely intoxicating! All of that was made even better having the knowledge that weeds were pulled, plants were planted, back porch painted, holes were dug (the ground was so hard and dry, Big Boss and I had to dig about 4″ down then filled the holes with water so we could dig deeper without getting the bulldozer over here.), pots were placed in the perfect spots, burr oak babies were all lined up under the trees…we were ready!  All we needed to do from that point was plop the rose bushes into the holes and get one astilbe planted.  Yay us!

I even finagled the cutting down of a dead tree by Big Boss and the uprooting of a dead bush!!  Win Win!! AND….most importantly, BB put up a fence on the north side of my garden where the deer have a path beaten down from the creek up to the house.

Yep, Saturday was day of List Finishing! We were both so tired that night, our eyeballs hurt!

However…you knew it was coming, didn’t you?…several small problems were revealed during the storms last night.  The back porch that I painted Saturday?  Well, the wood under the gutter was rotting all the way across the end of the overhang.  Uh oh. Wonder how that happened?

Gutter Jam.  Not a drop of the deluge was coming out of the gutter drains.  Weird.  So the new list is topped off with “Clean out gutters”.

Also detected was total gutter failure on the northwest side of the back.  It sprung a leak.  Again, not a drop was seen in the drain spout.


Then on the corner, the gutter was hanging literally by a thread.

Ahem. Time to do some “upkeep on the house” chores.

Adding to the list, “Repair gutters” and “Repair porch roof”.

I won’t hold my breath though.  Big Boss has this theory that if it’s not The Farm, it gets the backseat, as in “How much does it cost?  How much does it pay?”  This is a continuing debate at our house.  Upkeep costs, yes.  Does it pay? Not technically.  But if you don’t do it, it WILL cost MORE!  As in flooded basements.  Nuff said.

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One Response to Houston…we have a problem!!!

  1. Kitty says:

    I feel your pain. We don’t own this stuff – it owns us. ugh


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