Why Meemaws Go Grey or…How Many Ruffs Does it Take To Unstick a Trailer?




It was a busy day last Saturday. Wheat harvest was in full steam ahead!!

The day began calmly enough. Granddaughter #1 and I decided to go to town. The guys planned to start cutting wheat after lunch with DiL bringing lunches to the field late afternoon. I planned on getting home in time to help move trucks and combines to a new field.

Which I did. Get home early.

However. While chatting with DiL #2, I got word that Big Boss was headed over to pick me up.  I had arrived just in time.

However. He never arrived. What to do? A quick phone call determined that an accident had happened and I was to bring DiL to the field so we could help.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.


However. The trailer now needs repair.


And my blood pressure went thru the roof.  I mean…a tire the size of a room is OFF the ground by about 4′????!


And then, four grandsons and 2 DiL’s jump into the trailer to shovel wheat to the back so that the weight of the wheat was better distributed.  Heaven help us all.  Pray, woman. Pray.  So I did.

And they got the trailer unstuck. And everyone was ok. And it rained that night.

All in all…it took about 8 Ruffs and around 4 non-Ruffs, to answer the question.

I need a vacation.


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2 Responses to Why Meemaws Go Grey or…How Many Ruffs Does it Take To Unstick a Trailer?

  1. grammyjj says:

    Have Ruff’s – can accomplish anything!!!


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