We were there and WOW!!

Washington Monument flags

I love this pic! I took it from the Washington Monument while the guys waited to enter the building.


I had been in DC before.  I have a sneaky suspicion that if it’s your 45th visit to DC, the town still overwhelms you!!!?  And I was.  Again. So much to see and do and experience.

So,  having had a smooth trip to Washington, we were ready for Day 1. Where to start? Where to start? Guess where we landed very first thing???


Yep. We slid in right smack dab in front of the United States Department of Agriculture, which is, as far we could tell, the largest of the government department buildings?  The building took up an entire block with a bridge to the other side of the street that connects to another block sized building.  Whoa!  Nice visit with the guy at the front desk who gave the boys journals, pens etc.  So, they had no excuses NOT to keep a journal of the trip!  Ha!  You would have thought I planned the whole thing. But I didn’t!  I’d like to see the Ag Dept. step up their visitor’s area though.  Maybe hand out corn on the cob or something?

Next up was standing in line at the Holocaust Museum while the boys took off for the Washington Monument.  The lines moved fast and we were set to enter the museum within the hour and the monument at 7 that night.  Cool.

I suspect that the tone of the Holocaust Museum accounts for the fact that I didn’t take one picture and am not sure the boys did either.  Nonetheless, it boggled one’s emotions.  A must see.

Once we were out of the museum and had grabbed a quick lunch in the museum cafeteria…which…WAS MEATLESS #goodgrief…we headed for Senator Pat Robert’s office to get set up for the Capitol tour.  Our gracious hostess, Laura, whisked us through tunnels, lines and security and the next thing we knew….we were standing on the Capitol balcony, which as we understood, not many folks get that view.  It was grand!!!



the view from the Capitol balcony…

And we were in the Rotunda, the Hall of Statues, the Visitor’s Center, the old Senate chambers, the House Chambers and made friends in the waiting line…

IMG_0042 IMG_0048



After all of those mind juggling history lessons, we took off for the Washington Monument is  NOT a leisurely stroll down The Mall…it is a LONG WAYS down there. Meemaw opted out of this particular thrill ride.  I don’t do heights. It made me queasy following that tall, tall piece of granite up into the endless sky.  Whew. I was the official cheerleader at this point.  The boys LOVED it!

And then….we headed back to the hotel. Gratefully, I might add. We. Were. Tired.




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7 Responses to We were there and WOW!!

  1. RAFrenzy says:

    How cool! And I notice those boys are taller than you!


  2. Stephanie Carr says:

    Even though i live here, DC is still a pretty amazing place. The museums never fail to overwhelm, and of course, July 4th is next weekend.


    • The Queen says:

      I expect a full report of the doings on the 4th!! I can’t imagine all of the hoopla! Have fun!!!!!


      • Stephanie Carr says:

        July 4th around here is like all the summer holidays rolled into one with the fireworks and all the goings on–plus, my stepmom’s birthday is actually on the 4th and my brother’s was on the 5th, so you can imagine.


  3. TeresaM says:

    What a great trip to experience with your grandsons! Mighty handsome young men too, I might add.


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