Cake updates…not Frozen but rather Kit Katish, not to mention, Patriotic?

Parts...another attempt at peonies with more sunflowers to go.

Parts…another attempt at peonies with more sunflowers to go.

I know. I’m way behind on cake posts.  It’s not like I’ve been sitting around, twiddling my thumbs though. This time of year, I just meet myself coming and going, resulting in a crash of some sort!!!!

So…grandson #3 requested a Kit Kat cake with a tractor on it.  Check. And…check.  I decided that some duct tape and burlap were called for.  It was a hit as all 11 kids jockeyed for the Kit Kats.  And the birthday boy’s dad was lucky to get one piece of this cake!  Sorry. I wasn’t going to fight a 2 year old for cake!

Kit Kat Farming

Right before that though, I got a call to make a cake for our Kansas senator, Bob Dole…you know, from way back?  He’s a real favorite around here still!!!  Anyway, he took a “Farewell Tour” through Kansas earlier in June and our little town of 200 was chosen to be his Hodgeman County stop. Therefore a cake was asked for.

I put ‘er into high gear and started to work.  The decorated cake was small….10″ and 6″, so that helped speed the process up!  I did some research and discovered that like most men, Sen. Dole loved chocolate, so the top was….chocolate fudge with chocolate fudge filling.  The 10″ was vanilla cheesecake. Extra cakes were carrot, chocolate, lemon  cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake.

Gumpaste plaque

The design theme was automatically “patriotic”. Or was it?  I had second thoughts.  Since this was a Kansas tour, shouldn’t it be Kansas themed?  Ok. How about both?

Senator Bob Dole's Farewell cake

Sunflowers, red, white and blue…would loved to have time to whip up some gumpaste wheat but I’ll save that for another day!

Senator Dole was met by a very large room full of Hodgeman County folks who were thrilled to see him again!  Mr. Dole is still sharp-witted at age 95 and has the memory of a 20-year-old man.  He was somewhat frail with age and WWII injuries but with the assistance of aides, he seemed to enjoy the evening telling stories and visiting with his audience.

I had a clean, empty ice cream bucket at the ready in case Sen. Dole wanted to take the top layer of cake with him.  He did.  A phone call the next day revealed that not only did he and his staff eat cake in Washington once their plane landed, but ice cream accompanied their snacks.  I love that. 🙂



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4 Responses to Cake updates…not Frozen but rather Kit Katish, not to mention, Patriotic?

  1. Ann Edgar says:

    Both cakes are awesome, as usual!


    • The Queen says:

      Thank you m’am! You DO realize I post this pics to inspire others to try their wings on cake decorating??? So get out the icing and spread it on something!!!


  2. grammyjj says:

    Awesome – as usual, Ms. Deb!!! You know it makes me want to volunteer you for something…


  3. The Queen says:

    *sticking fingers in ears and singing “LaLaLa”* I. Can’t. Hear. You.


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