Veggie Heaven or…How straight IS that flagpole?


I spent the morning washing, hanging out and drying clothes.  Also pulling weeds in my blackberry patch…with aid from 2 grandsons.  The elderberries are also clear of pig weed.  Weed mats are now down, preceeded by a good sprinkling of pre-emergent.  I am determined to win the weed battle.  Not to mention the war. Ahhh…I almost forgot…I got the pesky goatheads sprayed too!  Yay me!


I moved from there to the garden, picked what was ready and headed in to mop off the sweat and eat lunch around 1:30.

IMG_0296 IMG_0297

Now I hate to brag and I don’t want to make anybody mad BUT I just had the two most delicious cucmbers, a huge plate full of squash and onions…oh, and 2 slices of leftover pizza.



Big Boss just breezed through (they’re cutting wheat this afternoon hoping to beat the night’s storms) and grabbed a helping of squash.  I am sorry to say…well, maybe not really sorry…but by the time he came in, the cukes were gone.  Problem is, I had some explaining to do as the peelings were still on the counter.  Ooops.

Guess who gets the next picking?


Yeah. It won’t be me this time.  I owe him one.  After all, he DID help me put up the new flag poles.  Or maybe I helped him.  But hey!  They are UP!!! After being flagless for 2 years, we now can fly them proudly, straightly  and at the twilights’ last gleaming!!!!! Yay!!

Now where was I?  Oh yeah…drill holes for cleat screws, tie on the snaphooks and get those flags up!!  Off to hunt up drill….

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2 Responses to Veggie Heaven or…How straight IS that flagpole?

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    Great fruits and veggies! Our blueberries are starting to ripen, too! Can I ask where you got your flag poles? We want one, or two perhaps, for the store and home and yours look quite sturdy to hold up against the strong KS winds. Thanks!


    • The Queen says:

      Oh. Blueberries!!!! Maybe one of these days??? Yep. Got them from Colonial Flags These are residential poles and they have MANY styles to chose from. Uh yeah. The winds are mighty. Thus new flagpoles. But…these are the best quality we’ve ever had. The others were from Home Depot. Fine for places with low winds. Not so much for Kansas.


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