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Fried Chicken…the new and healthy way! Really!

Don’t you just love Pinterest?  I check it at night right before I shut my eyes and after devotions. I found this wonderful recipe for chicken last week…. That is coated in a mixture of all sorts of wonderful herbs and … Continue reading

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Three Flags Over Ruff Farms

Need a new amusement park?!  Boy, do I have one for you!  You can ride horses in the pasture, cows wherever, pitch hay, dig ditches and wells, drive a tractor….AND learn how to fix fences!!! On the other hand, we … Continue reading

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and before they’re all gone…

How many times have looked backwards and thought, “Man, I wish I had….”? Like the two great-grandmothers I had until age 20.  I wish had recorded their memories of…oh I don’t know, maybe THEIR grandmas.  Which would have taken me … Continue reading

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What does this photo mean?

  See that combine peeking from behind the tree?  It’s headed to The Last Field of wheat. Wheat harvest is OVER! Completed. Finis. Done. All in all, it was a good one.  Just strung out.  Which thankfully, was mostly due … Continue reading

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Could farming in western Iowa require a permit?

Originally posted on Farm Fresh:
As of late last week, northwest Iowa was averaging 8 to 14 inches of June rainfall, two to three times normal amounts in that area. “I’ve planted twice now. The third time would be for…

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4th of July goodies…from last year

Strawberries are a staple around here.  Big Boss eats them with his cereal every morning.  I eat them not every day but they make a great snack.  I eat mine minus the dip in the sugar, using a packet of … Continue reading

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