Could farming in western Iowa require a permit?

) And once more, EPA attempts to stop US farmers. Notice I said “stop” and not “help/assist/aide” . The stories I could tell…
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Farm Fresh

As of late last week, northwest Iowa was averaging 8 to 14 inches of June rainfall, two to three times normal amounts in that area.

“I’ve planted twice now. The third time would be for beans, if I can get them in by July,” said one area farmer.

June has been unkind (and in some cases, devastating) to those living in flooded and storm-struck areas of our state.

Here’s a look at some of the damage to western Iowa farm fields.

corn field in northwest Iowasoybeans in northwest Iowa

Could it get much worse? In a word, yes.

A rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could fine our neighbors for their misfortune.

To summarize, EPA currently has authority to regulate “navigable” waters (e.g. rivers that float boats). However, the agency is proposing changes that would expand its authority to cover any land that could potentially retain water or contribute flow to “navigable” water. That would include puddles…

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