What does this photo mean?



See that combine peeking from behind the tree?  It’s headed to The Last Field of wheat.

Wheat harvest is OVER! Completed. Finis. Done.

All in all, it was a good one.  Just strung out.  Which thankfully, was mostly due to rains, with a couple of breakdowns thrown in for good measure.


See those kids in sitting in the yard?  That means these kids know how to play without an iPad in their hands.  They know that grass is good and trees are good and shade is even better.  And also that dirt is good for you, as is sweat and actual work.

See that green grass?  That means it’s had actual rain fall on it! It’s Buffalo grass so you don’t normally water it. When rain falls, this grass will green up overnight. It’s been sitting there for months, waiting on moisture so when the rain finally comes, the stuff goes crazy!

And that means lots of mowing. Which is OK. Between me and grandkids, we get it cut. Which means I have a lawnmower that works.  That makes me a very fortunate lady!  And we can ride it to mow these acres and acres of Buffalo grass. How lucky am I??!!!!

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4 Responses to What does this photo mean?

  1. zikki2 says:

    Nice write up! Ohio farming is a long way from combining yet. I find it interesting to see what’s going on on other farms across the country. It’s wonderful to share the farming experience with our kids and grandkids, and wonderful to share it with others 😀 Have a great day! Zikki


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    The grass does look green! And the kids look happy and healthyQ!

    Ah, the good life! Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks for working so hard to feed the rest of us.


  3. Kitty says:

    blessed and highly favored


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