Three Flags Over Ruff Farms

imageNeed a new amusement park?!  Boy, do I have one for you!  You can ride horses in the pasture, cows wherever, pitch hay, dig ditches and wells, drive a tractor….AND learn how to fix fences!!!

On the other hand, we now…finally…have flags up and flying. Once more.  Yay us!

We have  had 2 or 3 sets of previous flag poles in the past 30+ years, may they rest in peace.  Storms and high winds wrecked havoc upon them.

NOTE: If you live in areas with a propensity towards severe storms and/or high winds, do NOT even consider the poles you may…or may not…find in your local hardware store or super store.  I have proof that these DO NOT WORK.  Trust me on this.


Nope.  You either hire a welder to put some flag poles together for you. Or you get on line and order  a super duper toughest in the world flag pole…that is made in USA.  Ours are residential poles built to withstand hurricane force winds.

And did you know….

that there are poles that telescope?

that have interior halyards?

that have little plastic collars for the snap hooks so they don’t clang against the pole?

Decisions. Decisions. How tall?  Fiberglass or aluminum?  Commercial or residential? Color?

Let’s just say it took a while and several phone calls the always patient, Miz Flagpole Lady, but….we got it done!

Just one more thing…come early to avoid lines for the goat-head picking contest.  I hear they line up early for that treat…



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2 Responses to Three Flags Over Ruff Farms

  1. Rachael Herring says:

    Love seeing those beauties flying, especially the Lone Star. 🙂 All activities DO sound amusing–thanks!


  2. The Queen says:

    You wouldn’t believe how many Kansans drive up and go “HUH?” and how many Texans drive up and say “YeeHaw!”


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