The Miracle of Madilynn




Miss Madi turns “2” this Sunday. Since there were SO many conflicts on that day, her mom decided to have her party a week early, last Sunday.

So I put my cake bakin’ apron back on…but this was an easy do.


And I had help!

After our field trip to Fort Larned, the girls helped me make decorations for the cake that Madi’s mom picked out.  Madilynn didn’t care. All she wanted was “Candy!”.

Two at a time cut out purple hearts and red and blue.

Then two more cut out yellow, orange and green hearts. Lots of them. Kazillions of them.


ok they really DID have fun but this pic doesn’t convey that. At all.


I have future decorators in my family!  They did great!  We’re already planning the next creation.

The Cake Crew

The Cake Crew

After the hearts had dried some, I put them on a white cake, topped it off with a number “2” and stuck a couple of candles in. Pretty easy huh?  I loved it.


And our little miracle girl barely noticed it. But that was OK…the cake’s creators were ecstatic with their miraculous confection!

She sang "Happy Birthday" to herself!

She sang “Happy Birthday” to herself!

Here let me just get that for you...

Here let me just get that for you…


Note: For those of you who don’t know…we nearly lost Madi in July due to a near drowning accident.  Her superhero mother saved her life, backed up by some pretty heroic EMTs, nurses, doctors and  LifeWatch helicopter pilots…all guided by The Hand of God. Not much more to say other than we’re extremely thankful to be celebrating her second birthday!!


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8 Responses to The Miracle of Madilynn

  1. Jana Rima says:

    And you are celebrating BIg Time!….Happy Birthday little Madi. Praise God!!


  2. What a great cake idea and God bless Madi!


  3. Ann Edgar says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet little Madi! God bless and keep you in his care


  4. Carol Dismukes says:

    Oh, no, hadn’t heard about Madi. God is so good. Hard to believe she is 2 already. Seems she was just born. Pretty cake!


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