Apple Butter Nightmares

Who knew apples could be so scary?  I slept very little last night.

Why? I kept smelling apple butter.

Why? Because I was trying out the new, easy, shiny way of making apple butter.

How? Sticking the whole kit and kaboodle in the oven overnight to cook really, really sllllloooooow instead of standing over the hot stove, stirring and stirring and stirring…for hours.

And?  It worked!

But the smell had my brain thinking we needed to get up eat something. Not happening at 1AM.

Maybe a nap this afternoon is in order? Or not.

After dragging myself old self out of bed this AM, the first thing I did AFTER making coffee…was to pour up apple butter into sparkly clean, sanitized and hot jars. The jar lids are popping shut as I type. ( I love that sound!!!  Wanna hear it?!  Go HERE.)

But it was a long, long, LONG path to the jar blinging!

It started here….


Then here…


Next was this…

Other helpers…helping…
And finally but not quite..


After lots of stirring, giggling and measuring…


TA DA!!!!!
Now for that nap…

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2 Responses to Apple Butter Nightmares

  1. Congratulations on finding a fast way to make apple butter! I once spent a week canning pears. By the time I was done, I was so sick of pears I didn’t want to eat them anymore.


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