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Kindle. Book. Kindle. Book. ???

A while back, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.  It was decision that didn’t come easily.  I researched.  I pondered.  I asked for opinions. What to do. What to do.  I felt somehow that if I … Continue reading

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Calling all irritable farm wives!?

Years ago, a friend’s farm house was featured in National Geographic.  The featured photo in the mag was of a sign on a post that leads to their house.  It read:  Caution.  Irritable farmwife. I can identify with that. Big … Continue reading

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Fall Harvest Apple Cobbler

I seem to have to have lost my mind. I know someone mentioned it when I put up the Peach Cobbler recipe. Nonetheless, I SHALL persevere and in hopes of catching up on loose ends here, I made apple cobbler … Continue reading

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Anyone Wanna Bierock?

    A while back, I posted a recipe for the staple of German cuisine…bierocks.  It consisted of the traditional hamburger, cabbage and onion ingredients, all stuffed into a…Hot…Roll. Yum. This silage season, I got to thinking…after DiL made some … Continue reading

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Frost flowers…Too cool not to share

Am I obsessed with winter?  Not really. I usually kind of dread it. But it does produce some awesomely COOL stuff.  Like movies. And snowshoe patterns. Also crochet art. Not to mention cakes. 🙂 So what’s new in the World … Continue reading

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What the Bug??!

Big Boss and I were out in the garden the other day…no, I was in the garden…he was cutting down some “volunteer” trees for me.  YAY!! Side note: I never though I’d EVER ask him to cut down anything because … Continue reading

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