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Kindle. Book. Kindle. Book. ???

A while back, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life.  It was decision that didn’t come easily.  I researched.  I pondered.  I asked for opinions. What to do. What to do.  I felt somehow that if I … Continue reading

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Calling all irritable farm wives!?

Years ago, a friend’s farm house was featured in National Geographic.  The featured photo in the mag was of a sign on a post that leads to their house.  It read:  Caution.  Irritable farmwife. I can identify with that. Big … Continue reading

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Fall Harvest Apple Cobbler

I seem to have to have lost my mind. I know someone mentioned it when I put up the Peach Cobbler recipe. Nonetheless, I SHALL persevere and in hopes of catching up on loose ends here, I made apple cobbler … Continue reading

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Anyone Wanna Bierock?

    A while back, I posted a recipe for the staple of German cuisine…bierocks.  It consisted of the traditional hamburger, cabbage and onion ingredients, all stuffed into a…Hot…Roll. Yum. This silage season, I got to thinking…after DiL made some … Continue reading

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Frost flowers…Too cool not to share

Am I obsessed with winter?  Not really. I usually kind of dread it. But it does produce some awesomely COOL stuff.  Like movies. And snowshoe patterns. Also crochet art. Not to mention cakes. 🙂 So what’s new in the World … Continue reading

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What the Bug??!

Big Boss and I were out in the garden the other day…no, I was in the garden…he was cutting down some “volunteer” trees for me.  YAY!! Side note: I never though I’d EVER ask him to cut down anything because … Continue reading

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He’s at it again!

And, I might add, I’m thinking “When the Game Stands Tall” didn’t help. We went to see it last week, with recommendations coming in from his past athletes saying stuff like, “Wow. The coach in the movie reminds me so … Continue reading

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Mondays aka A Fresh Start

  Yeah, I know it’s not Monday.  Not sure where it went but… Unlike most folks, I enjoy Mondays!! It’s like a whole new year, except it’s a whole new week. A clean slate.  A world of possibilities. And…a new … Continue reading

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This Little Light of Mine

Any minute, I expect some official call and congratulate me on my shiny, new medal! Why you ask? Because I spent ALL afternoon taking apart, cleaning, polishing and putting back together porch lights. Five of them. With four to go. … Continue reading

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