Anyone Wanna Bierock?



A while back, I posted a recipe for the staple of German cuisine…bierocks.  It consisted of the traditional hamburger, cabbage and onion ingredients, all stuffed into a…Hot…Roll. Yum.

This silage season, I got to thinking…after DiL made some super yummy bierocks for the guys’ lunches one day…what if…

Farm Sausage Bierock

I wondered what I could do to change it up a bit, altho, to be honest, I could eat DiL’s bierocks on a daily basis with NO problem!  The thing was, bierocks are easy for the guys to eat while they load, drive, unload…you get the idea.  It’s a One Handed sandwich with a bonus…it’s hot.  Or at least warm.

Then I remembered my SiL’s sausage bread of long ago (yes, that was a hint, SiL!) and thought, I’ll bet I could do that in bierock form?!

Maybe a bit large?

Maybe a bit large?

So I called dear SiL to see what she used in her bread. And “voila”!!!  It worked!  And man, was it good!!!!  If I don’t say so myself.

If you’re curious as to what exactly a bierock is, click HERE…I tell  you how to make them, step by step.  But stop when you get to the hamburger part.  Do this instead, just for the heck of it….AND DON’T FORGET TO BUTTER THE TOP!!!!!


Farm Bierocks

2 links of Kielbasa link sausage

1 pound grated or shredded Parmesan cheese

4 eggs

Cut the sausage in half, then slice lengthwise into quarters. Holding the sausage together, slice into 1/4″ thick pieces.  Combine in a large bowl with beaten eggs and stir in cheese…enough to thicken the mixture.  The eggs serve as a binder.

NOTE: I tried the Italian blend by Kraft also…very good. Don’t see any reason why you couldn’t throw in some mozzarella!? 🙂

You are now ready to start stuffing your dough!!

NOTE: I used Rhodes frozen rolls in the hamburger recipe.  Any good roll recipe will work. For these, I used my good old stand-by roll recipe out of the Better Homes and Garden recipe book…you know the one…red and white checkered cover?  Or you could use a bread recipe. OR, I used crescent rolls…I had leftover sausage filling so I grabbed a can of crescent rolls, smushed them into squares, filled and sealed. (no rising time for these tho!  That’s a good thing!)  They were excellent!

Another NOTE: If you’re making rolls from scratch, let it rise in the bowl, punch down, form bierocks, let rise again in pan before baking.

I baked them at 350º for about 20 minutes. When you remove them from the oven, remember…BUTTER THEM!!!!

These sausage bierocks are wonderful right out of the oven….or let them cool a bit, bag them up and pop them in the freezer. When I need a fast, hot sandwich…I usually thaw them out overnight in the fridge, then wrap them individually in foil and warm them in the oven.

However, if you’re desperate for a bierock RIGHT NOW…just slap that puppy into the microwave on a plate and nuke it baby.  In about 2 mins., you’re going to enter Bierock Heaven!!

And make a pot of coffee cause sausage bierocks  are wasted without it.  I know this for a fact.

Next up, I’ll use pepperoni and maybe browned Italian sausage, mushrooms, a little marinara, and CHEESE (mozzarella).

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2 Responses to Anyone Wanna Bierock?

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    You’re making me salivate. I want bierocks…NOW!

    BTW, could you provide the phonetics? bye-rocks? beer-rocks? bire-oaks? beer-oaks? etc.

    Thanks, Debbie!


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