Future Farmers of…the farm!



image image imageThis was #1 grandson’s first year to run the pushing/packing tractor during silage cutting season.  And he did great!

But…how is it that he’s now old enough to run this behemoth of machinery?  Really?!!!  We just took his binky away and put him big boy jammies!!!  Where did the cute little guy that had to wear a funky helmet for a while go??!

He was itching to get a hold of that there steering wheel though.  Sure enough.  He could DO IT!!  The thought of going up and down on that huge pile of corn makes me dizzy. Not him though. And he did it hour after hour. Day after day. Until we ran him off the tractor so he could start SCHOOL!!!

He turned it over grudgingly. But every Saturday, it was HIS. Again. Until the harvest was over. Now he can relax. Like Big Boss.

Ok, maybe not “relax like Big Boss” but about as close as BB can get to relaxed.

The 5th generation is coming into their own…responsible, diligent, hard-working and eager to learn. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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