The Ides of November

Just because I like this photo. I call it "Red Shirts on the Fence".

Just because I like this photo. I call it “Red Shirts on the Fence”.

Yeah, I know it’s the Ides of March.  Considering March 15th as a turning point in history, that’s kind of what’s going around here…lots of Turning Points.  Which, by the way, is also the title of an excellent blog/ministry by David Jeremiah…one of our favorites here on the farm. Big Boss listens to him in his feed truck, along with John MacArthur, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Bennett and Breakpoint, founded by Chuck Colson.

And by the way, “turning points” is also a key phrase for a Bible study I’ve been attending for the last 7 weeks…Beth Moore’s study on Esther.  Learning lots but that woman just wears me out!!  I go home completely exhausted!!

But what was I talking about…oh…change. It’s always there lurking just around the corner.  Just when you get comfy, WHAM!…change jumps out at you when you least expect it.

Like changes on the farm. Big ones.

Changes in friendships, some new, some old. Some are good changes. Some, not so much. But changes nonetheless.

Changes in the seasons, which actually, I welcome with open arms cause as y’all know, I LOVE FALL!!!!

Changes brought on by elections…well, you know where I stand on that and we’re on our way to some positive changes.  Not the “hope and change” kind. I hope and pray. 🙂

Changes of getting OLDER!!!!!!  That’s the  one that’s really nipping at my heels lately.  That change is called TOOTHACHE.  A real doozy.  And no, I’m not a baby or a whiner. Maybe just a little bit. But man, this one knocked me for a loop.

So, while the antibiotics and pain meds took over each day this week to alleviate the fever, pain, chills and overall bad attitude (BB called it “grumpy”. Go figure.), I’ve sat around, a lot, and done some thinking.  (dangerous activity, I know)

I spent the afternoons doing nothing.  OK, the mornings and night too. But, I did go out to the backyard each day to sit in my rocker and soak up sunshine.  It felt heavenly!

And in the process, I got to hear sounds that probably no one else heard…

Big Boss gearing up the feed truck

An owl hooting persistently.  Actually, I’m convinced it is a teenager owl as every other hoot would break up like it’s voice was “changing”.  Weird. But not spooky.

The dying leaves rustling in the breeze…no wind. Just breeze.  Also weird. For Kansas.

The semis way off north coming down Highway 156.

The wind chimes tinkling just a tiny bit…enough to make you wonder if fairies had just floated by them.

Turkeys waaaaay off in the harvested fields.

The whir of a stray pheasant…they don’t normally come this close to the house.

And something scurrying through the fallen leaves on the other side of the fence.

It all made me sleepy. So I closed my eyes and soaked up more rays.

And thanked God for the turkeys, pheasants, dead leaves, adolescent owls, fairies and feed trucks that start when they’re supposed to.

And stopped feeling sorry for myself for a little while!

But I’m home from the dentist now. Thank you Dr. Dentist Man who is my favorite person in the world…I tell him that every time he stands over me with his hands full of extremely ominous weapons and, me, with my mouth wide open. But he sings along with the C&W music that is piped into the entire office. Bet you don’t get that out of your dentist.

And his assistant held my hand and called me “Sister”. I liked her.

After 30 minutes, no more toothache Yay!!

And now it’s official…I’m off to do a drug enhanced rendition of “Fur Elise” on my somewhat fuzzy piano. Don’t judge me. I blame the drugs.

And also, count acorns. Soooo, that means….

Next up…ACORN Reports

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One Response to The Ides of November

  1. Kitty says:

    Bummer about the tooth ache. So glad that’s behind you. My late mother-in-law was convinced that everyone except Uncle Ralph (who, btw, brushed his teeth after EVERY meal, snack, nosh, refreshment that crossed his lips) would have lost every tooth in her head by the time she reached my age.
    I agree about Beth Moore. It took me a while to warm up to her but after about three weeks, I was talking to Hubby about Beth said this and Beth said that; I must have explained to him forty-‘leven times who in tarnation Beth was. Have you done “A Woman’s Heart God’s Dwelling Place”? I learned so much in that study.
    One thing we can always count on is change.


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