Get out from under that rock!


Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Or…maybe you don’t have Facebook (not necessarily a bad thing :).

Or…you don’t Tweet (same thought as above).

Or…you have a life!!!?

I’m here to help you out.  To give you that gracious hand/info.

Cause y’all know I’m a junkie.  Hobbit junkie, that is.

Yeah, I wasn’t that crazy about the first two movies (sorry Mr. Jackson, although I don’t guess you get all the blame plus I am SO over CGI junk) but I am still intrigued by the story and am anxious to see how this is all going to end. Yes, I’ve read the book so I know how IT ends. But will Jackson end the movie the same way or…WHAT??!  Which is a whole other controversy….

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of yahoo images.

Wait. You DO know that The Battle of the Five Armies is opening in December?  Right?

So click HERE for the first couple trailers that were released today.

You’re welcome.

And y’all know that I follow “Breakpoint” so today’s article caught my eye since it focused on the release of “The Battle of the Five Armies”.  The affirmation of Tolkien’s importance and relevance and respect as a writer/theologian/philosopher within the Christian community pleases me as I always look forward to the Breakpoint discussions on his works.  Click HERE to read their anticipatory remarks where you’ll also find links to their reviews for the first two movies.

Not much longer!!!

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1 Response to Get out from under that rock!

  1. Kitty says:

    Do you know that I read the book b/c I planned to see the movie and I only intended to see the movie b/c of Richard Armitage. I LOVED it! There was such a sense of urgency in the book. When I went on my first trip to Nicaragua, I felt like Bilbo Baggins, “I’m going on an adventure!” For me it’s about leaving my warm snuggly chair in my warm snuggly home to help others who have been robbed of their own warm and snuggly. I’m so excited to see BOFA. Hubby, Older Daughter and I drove 2 hrs away from home last Christmas day to see DOS in an IMAX theater. Hope this last installment will afford us another memorable event.


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