Paw…the Kids Were Asking About you



My grandchildren-induced hangover is finally passing.  My head is no longer spinning and I’m actually sitting down for longer than 10 seconds without someone hollering, “MEEMAW!!!!!”

Unless you count Big Boss aka Paw sticking his head around the kitchen door and hollering, “DO YOU KNOW WHERE ____ is?”

That scenario has happened twice already. In the last hour.

Where was I?image image

Grand hangover….yeah that was it. What brought all of this on?  Lots of chatter. Lots of fun. Lots of running. Lots of pumpkins!! And also tree climbing, head standing and most importantly….giggling.

Fall. Pumpkins. Tradition.


The third oldest granddaughter asked several weeks ago if we were going to carve pumpkins again. I had forgotten. There went my Grandma of the Year award.

So I did the only thing a possible award-winning granny could do.  I bought 11 pumpkins. Which in itself was quite a feat.  I’m sure the WalMart guys are still wondering why anyone would want that many pumpkins. I should’ve invited them to come along. To help!

But Meemaw was semi-organized.  There wereimage sample sheets with Jack eyes, mouths and noses.  The carving tools were uncovered from a year ago (how is it possible that a year has already passed?)  The tables were readied, even tho most pumpkins end up on the grass with hordes of children hovering over them.


And so it began. The kids were divided into 5 pairs with one lucky pair being a trio, which meant they were in charge of the 2 year old. The 2 year old did not cooperate as she floated all over the backyard making sure that progress was…progressing according to her whims and tastes.  Mostly, she was ignored but she didn’t mind too much as she was pretty sure she was the star of the show anyway!


By the time Meemaw had helped scoop pumpkin guts, started a mouth for the two 5 year olds, stopped 10 pumpkin gut fights, taken the knife away from the aforementioned 2 year old, fetched more paper towels, drew noses for the 5 year olds and answered the call for “MEEMAW!!” approximately 578 times….Meemaw was then ready to judge the pumpkins in the categories of “Cutest”, “Most Traditional”, “Funniest” and last but not least, “Scariest”.



Right. That’s like Meemaw choosing “Favorite” grandkid. Not happening. So we ended up  3-way ties in all 4 categories!  Weird how that happened.

All ending with a rake joust!


And we all wondered…”Paw, where are you.”  The man can disappear at the most convenient times!!



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