Happiness is clean towels


imageCall me weird but I just finished folding wash clothes and towels. Almost as satisfying as a fresh cup of coffee. Almost.

I LOVE to bury my face in a warm, clean towel fresh out of the dryer.  Please…someone tell me you do the same thing!!!!?  Is this twisted? Do I need help?

And my dryer…I love my dryer!!  I grew up without one.  That meant hanging clothes out on the line no matter how cold it was. And if it was wet, that meant hanging clothes on the kitchen chairs and wherever else they would fit.

Two years after we married, Big Boss sprung for Sears dryer…avocado green. I was living high on the hog and I adored this new appliance. But it took me a while to figure out that some things just scream for a clothesline. Like sheets. Which I also love to smell.  But we’ve talked about that before.

So with Person of Interest on and me sitting on the rug with piles of clothes surrounding me, I am smelling my towels.  I wonder if I should put one by my pillow? Freaky. I know.

There must be other Towel Sniffers out there somewhere. We need to band together and come out of the Linen Closet. After all, it would be nice that I am crazy and in good company!!

It’s the little things people.


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2 Responses to Happiness is clean towels

  1. neilirving says:

    Can’t say it’s something I do but the wife is a washing siffer know mater where it is hung up, lol and being a bit tight when it comes to paying the power bills so the tumble dryer is banned 🙂


    • The Queen says:

      The aroma of freshly dried sheets on my clothesline nearly sends me over the top! But jeans and towels from the clothesline are the pits…they get a few minutes in the dryer to fluff them up a bit.


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