Soul Windows

I’ve been working on 3 or 4 posts but decided they could wait. With today being Veteran’s Day, I decided to share a gem I found yesterday while searching out stained glass windows.

Which means…Yep. I’m on a new tangent in between counting acorns and cleaning kitchen cabinets.

Actually, it’s not new to me…I’ve had a special interest in stained glass art for years. The minute I see a stained glass window, you might as well leave to go shop, get some coffee, hang out at the library…I’ll be there a while.

Backing up to the source of all of this chaos…

DiL found interesting windows and called me. Wow, those were interesting! Take a look…


I told her that they were the old windows from our church that had been taken out back in the late 70s. There were three.

And…I had an idea. Wouldn’t one of the windows look great on a mantle, say at Christmas?! And maybe add some color? Either with tissue paper or glass paint? or maybe even work out a way to piece colored glass into a separate frame to fit behind the existing glass??

Oh the possibilities! This kept my mind occupied for quite a while. So I researched possible designs. And that’s when it happened. All over again.

Stained. Glass. Windows.

Right smack dab back front and center to my old love.

So while you’re out shopping, drinking coffee and checking out books, I’m still staring at the window.

Imagine poor Big Boss when we entered the Cologne Cathedral aka the Church of the Magi, in Germany. I don’t think I moved for like two hours. I was surrounded. Stained glass windows took up every single space of eye engazement (I know, no such word.) Speechless. Gobsmacked. Perhaps epiphany.

(All photos of the Cologne Cathedral are Yahoo images.)



Back to the research…and yes, I have a point. Somewhere.

Ahhh, Pinterest. The Gobbler-Up of Time. The Purveyor of Possibilities. The Master of What-Ifs.

Typing in “Old church windows” to find something that resembled the newly discovered old church windows, I stumbled on this.

Church Window

This little beauty is in St. Michaels Church in Oxford, England honoring those who fell in World War II. And that’s all I know about it. But I love that’s stained glass and I love what it says:

When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today

Thank you Veterans!

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5 Responses to Soul Windows

  1. Dianne says:

    Felt the same way in Noter Dame. For a fix closer to home, Chicago’s Navy Pier houses a The Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows along its corridors and the Art Institute of Chicago has the Marc Chagall American Windows installation.


    • The Queen says:

      You’ve given me something new to look up, Dianne! But it’s almost overwhelming isn’t it? Not sure if it’s the hugeness of the cathedral or the fact that it is a cathedral or the art in and of itself is moving..maybe all 3!!


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    A fine tribute to those who have served, Debbie! Thank you!


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