Acorns Galore!!!

You heard me right!

bur oak acorn on tree

I have acorns, acorns, ACORNS!! (And yes, I know it’s Christmas Eve. The thing is, this is a current event. Sort of ongoing in fact.)

Does this seem odd to any newcomers to the blog? Probably but you have to understand there are just some things that float my boat. Acorns are just one of those things.

My bur oak tree has been the object of my attention since the bloom this past spring.

And what a bloom it was.

Slowly but surely, little baby acorns began appearing as triplets, twins and quads.  EVERYWHERE!!!  Woo Hoo, Meemaw was in acorn heaven.

The winds came and went. Storms threatened to vanquish my future crop. But…The Bur prevailed!

Resting now in my fridge surrounded by moist sphagnum moss are 36…yeah, you read right Thirty-SIX acorns.  Bigger than last year’s. Healthier. And MORE!!!  Yay me!!

Yes, the grass is stomped down flat around the base of my beloved oak tree but I was taking NO chances that some squirrely squirrel was snatching my babies. Furthermore, the turkeys that like to hang out in my front yard were exiled as I ran out screaming bloody murder in an attempt to scare them away.  Yes, friends, I am a Turkey Terrorist. Also, a deer bigot. These critters all love, nay, prefer the acorn babies of bur oaks. It is said that the native Indians of this area gathered bur oak acorns above all others.

Why?  Because bur oak acorns contain  less tannin that any other acorn. That is important because tannin is bitter…bitter acorns=bitter acorn flour=bitter pancakes. Or whatever they made with the ground up acorns. So it was a fight to the bitter end between the squirrels, the deer and the humans to see who got to munch the little nuts.

At the moment, I’m winning. Or I was.  There are 4 remaining acorns on the tree. I picked up two this morning. Which brings my grand total of 76 acorns for the 2014 season. One of the acorns was bad…it floated in the water. One was good as it sunk to the bottom of the glass.  Which brings my grand total of GOOD acorns to 36!!! And they’re resting in my garage fridge in a nice nest of sphagnum moss, waiting to be planted. I can visualize them right NOW!!

Acorn nut meat that is partially covered in the papery shell. The outer shell is in the upper left side of the pic.

Acorn nut meat that is partially covered in the papery shell. The outer shell is in the upper left side of the pic.

The floaters got cracked and the meats were picked out. Am I crazy? Working on that sanity part but I DO want to try the Indian’s methods of grinding the dried nuts and making little cakes/tortillas, so a sandwich bag full of meats is residing in my freezer. I did save a few of these last “bad” acorns to use for decorating purposes later…wreaths, Christmas tree decorations, etc.

Once you get the meats cleaned off, they divide easily into 4 parts.

Once you get the meats cleaned off, they divide easily into 4 parts.

And that, my friends, equals a huge increase from last year’s harvest to this year’s harvest, which is nearly over.  Those last 4 acorns are hanging on for dear life but with the winds that hit tonight, I may just be retrieving that quartet of delectable fruits of the oak in the AM!!

Note: the Grand Poobah of Acorn Gathers found 4 more this morning. She rocks!

And that brings me to The Hobbit. Really? Yeah. YOU thought I was letting The Hobbit sneak past us all. No way, Jose!

A review of The Battle of the Five Armies is next up and I promise, I will NOT analyze to the point of driving readers cross-eyed. Nope.  No Senior English diatribes here.  🙂

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