Projects in process now frozen

Wow. It’s really cold tonight. And I’m going cross-eyed making snowflakes.

SNOWFLAKES?!!  you might exclaim. Yep.  Granddaughter who is approaching her 7th birthday asked for a snowman and a  snowflake cake.  The same grand requested a Frozen cake last year.  She seems to be stuck on cold stuff!!!??

But never  one to question a grandchild’s cake choice, I’m going with it using a twist. I saw a snow globe cake years ago that I’ve wanted to duplicate, so here’s my chance.


I spent the afternoon sculpting the snowGIRL, taking breaks to work on a knitting project.  Late afternoon found me breaking to watch 3 &4th grade girls bounce a basketball for a while. Then snowflakes were created, one at a time, to dry overnight.

Meanwhile, Big Boss is fighting the cold.  All day. Out. In. The. Cold.  Running around in a gym with a herd of grade school girls got him warmed right up!  Keeping everything on this farm thawed out is a full time job in this frigidity!!

That reminds me. One of the little girls he was coaching was granddaughter #2, whose birthday was in December.  Somehow, posting a pic of her cake slipped past me in all of the Christmas frenzy.

Amelia Earhart airplane cake

airplane cake

She has been on an Amelia Earhart jag this past year and THAT was what she wanted for her birthday cake. Oh. Wow. Such a serious theme!  I found a great doll and book to go with the flying theme and then hit Pinterest heavy and hard in hopes of finding inspiration for an Amelia Earhart cake.




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