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Fort Griffin: A Frontier Oasis

I’ve been on a “fort” jag lately.  I’m pretty sure that the subject has been with me for long time though.  First there was our house, built in 1979-80.  The architecture and layout were similar to a doctor’s house in … Continue reading

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Stone Barn’s Forgotten Past

I made a fast trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago, hoping against all odds that I might see just one bluebonnet.  No such luck. Way too early.  I knew that but just hoped to see one. After all, … Continue reading

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Going in Circles or Cinderella’s Fashion Sense

Leaves to rake. Flowers to clean. Irises to dig. Or is it irisi? Daylilies to dig. And throw away.  (Don’t worry!  Just the ugly ones.) Irises and daylilies to pot up for friends.  Or not! Holes to fill. Weeds to … Continue reading

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What to watch when Downton Abbey is over….

Believe it or not, I was thinking about this the other night.  Sunday night to be exact. So I headed for PBS full well knowing that there was NO Downton Abbey until next year BUT… I sat down to watch … Continue reading

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In honor of National Barbie Day…

Once upon a time, (and a loooong time ago) in a far away state, a little girl  wished for  a friend named Barbie. Barbie was a relatively new kid on the block and all of the little girl’s friends liked Barbie.  As a matter of … Continue reading

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March Madness or Yes, Basketball is in the blood

  Here’s the facts: 1. Big Boss and I moved from our college hometown to West Texas to teach. History, Earth Science, Government aka First Job aka steady paycheck, hours 2. Next thing we know, coaching basketball, football and track … Continue reading

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Frontier Outposts of the Texas Kind

It all started when I, a 6th grader, ordered a book. Not just any book, but one that featured the missions of Texas, historic Texas homes and…the early forts of Texas…Texas Sketchbook by E.M. Schiwetz. My family had recently visited … Continue reading

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