March Madness or Yes, Basketball is in the blood


Here’s the facts:

1. Big Boss and I moved from our college hometown to West Texas to teach. History, Earth Science, Government aka First Job aka steady paycheck, hours
2. Next thing we know, coaching basketball, football and track are added to the teaching schedule. Also first baby boy arrives!!
3. Big Boss becomes the Jr. High Girls Basketball coach

Robert Lee Girls Basketball Team, 1974

Robert Lee Girls Basketball Team, 1974

4. Big Boss becomes the High School Girls Basketball coach, along with duties in Football (scouting), Girls Track, Off Season program. Also second baby boy arrives!

RL Girls Basketball Team- 1978 State Champs

RL Girls Basketball Team- 1978 State Champs

10 year reunion

10 year reunion

20 year reunion

20 year reunion

Group 2_edited-1 Group_edited-1

5. After his girls win the State Championship, BB decides it’s time to go back to the farm, walking away from multiple and very tempting job offers from all over Texas.

Austin 7 Wall 2
6. About 15 minutes after we pull the trailer house into the Kansas pasture, phone calls start coming in asking him to coach. He holds steadfastly to the word, “No!”. And number 3 baby boy arrives!
7. Years later, I am working at our local high school. Three years in, I tell him that it looks like his ’78 team has reincarnated in the halls of our school. I suggest that perhaps he might think about coaching again??? (I know. I had lost my mind.)

1995-1996 Hanston Girls Basketball Team

1995-1996 Hanston Girls Basketball Team

8. I was right. He takes the job and those kids worked their little tushies right off! But the toll was great. BB tries to run the feedlot and coach, giving both 120%. It’s too much. He resigns after 3 years. 10+ years pass
9. Boys are all married, grandbabies are coming at us right and left…BUT, the little school that we’re contracting with (not consolidated but testing the waters) wants to get a steady basketball program started. Will he help? But, of course…
10. BB is the Jr. High Basketball coach for 2 years.

Pawnee Heights Girls Basketball Team

2006 Pawnee Heights Girls Basketball Team

2007 Pawnee Heights Jr. High Girls BB

2007 Pawnee Heights Jr. High Girls BB

11. Continuing and persistent requests for coaching become the norm during these years back at the farm.
12. Our little school decides to consolidate with another school. He retires again. For the third time.
13. More grands have arrived, the farm and feedlot has grown and expanded. A lot.
14. The grands are now old enough to hold a basketball therefore, they need to learn the fundamentals. BB is asked to coach the Pee Wee basketball team.
15. And that brings us up to the present!

IMG_1571 Group_edited-1 IMG_1399

IMG_1389_edited-1 IMG_1481

Pee Wee basketball season is over but what fun we had! They practiced 3 nights a week, give or take thanks to several winter storms. And I was amazed!

How in the world could an 8 year old do the drills that Coach BB used all those years ago? How could they grasp the concepts of man to man? What an “elbow” was…and also the top of the key?

But they did it! With gusto! With enthusiasm! With a lot of giggles! But always with loads of fun and concentration! So…

We videoed our little girls doing basketball drills a while back. Kileigh, who BB coached in his last coaching jaunt and who is now…a coach, led the girls in very basic basketball handling drills. I put them on YouTube and posted them here so:
1. The drills would be available to others.
2. This summer, if our Pee Wee girls want to stay current on their handling skills, they can click on the vids and bounce the ball with their team!
3. Seasoned players aka old ladies can test their memory and see if they can still do a figure eight!

If your child is interested in basketball, get them started the “right way”! Spending a few minutes each day doing these drills (click on “HoCo 3rd and 4th grade) tab that is on the blue banner) will enhance their ball handling skills immensely and will give them a head start on fundamentals. believe me when I say, we’ve seen many, many games lost due to poor ball handling!)There are many drills, but these drills demonstrate good first steps. Hopefully, we’ll get more videoed as we build on our basics!

In conclusion, yes, it’s March and madness abounds AND basketball does run in our blood around Ruff Farms. The end.



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