Going in Circles or Cinderella’s Fashion Sense

Leaves to rake.

Flowers to clean.

Irises to dig. Or is it irisi?

Daylilies to dig. And throw away.  (Don’t worry!  Just the ugly ones.)

Irises and daylilies to pot up for friends.  Or not!

Holes to fill.

Weeds to pull.

Lots and lots of stuff to haul off.  Lots.

And…a birthday cake to decorate.  Baked it today and it’s now awaiting blues, purple, orange, etc.

Yep.  Granddaughter designed her cake this year and helped make some of the decorations.  She wanted it colorful like the rainbow.  It will be colorful for sure.


Also, I took time out to take the girls to see Cinderella.  It was good!  I wasn’t expecting much. No idea why. But it was good.  Of course we knew how it would end. Not sure it topped Ever After.  I just love Ever After with Leonardo Da Vinci running around and Anjelica Huston nearly stealing the show every time she had a scene and the gorgeous ball gown complete with butterfly wings and Drew Barrymore’s very convincing performance as “Cinderella”.

Yahoo images

Yahoo images

But…this year’s version had absolutely gorgeous costuming…the blue ball gown was unbelievably floaty and very blue.  The skirt was 12 layers of silk and tulle and well, it just seemed to be airborne!

Yahoo images

Yahoo images

Then there was the wedding gown.  Oh. Wow.  For a brief moment, I thought Grace Kelly had been reincarnated in Lily James…altho they look nothing alike, except for the blonde hair.  The gown was stunning with what looked like embroidered flowers sprinkled all over it!!!  DiL remarked as we left that she loved that gown too! Note: according to Vanity Fair, the flowers were handpainted…twice.  During a photo shoot, the dress caught fire due to a space heater!  Take two…

Yahoo images

Yahoo images

However, Cate Blanchett aka Evil Stepmother to Infinity, wore something that reminded me of Scarlett’s Curtain Outfit.  ( I still cannot think about that scene without thinking of the classic Carol Burnett version!!) Honestly, she wore hideous green/pea green/chartreuse in every scene. I think.  Anyway, her costuming seemed way out of sync with the time period but what do I know.  And her hair hinted the 1940’s heavily.  Weird.

Yahoo images

Yahoo images

So as gorgeous as Cinderella’s clothing was, the step sisters and step mom’s were awful.  On purpose!

But no great music or soundtrack. Bummer.

The 9-year-old grand sat next to me and when Prince Charming first appeared and flashed a very toothy smile, she leaned over and said, “Whoa.  He’s had braces!”  Which was funny because I was sitting there thinking, “Wow. Could those teeth be any whiter or straighter!?”  Great minds and all that…

Yahoo images

Yahoo images

See. I wasn’t exaggerating.

Now, back to tree planting, gogi bush moving and asparagus bedding.  Time to get serious!

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5 Responses to Going in Circles or Cinderella’s Fashion Sense

  1. Ann Edgar says:

    Thank you, may I have some throw away daylillies? If you work hard enough you can get all of this done in a days time????


    • The Queen says:

      You may and I’ll throw in some iris! Holy cow they can spread!! I’m on my 4th day actually…go out after it warms up…usually around 2 and work till dark. My neck and back are screaming!!But I had Twin Power help yesterday along with a 2yr old insistance that she would carry my shovel. The goal of all of this is to clean up an exploding iris and daylily growth to make room for gogi bushes, garlic and rhubarb. I’ll stick some annual flowers in between them. It’s a plan. We’ll see how it works. 🙂


  2. Kitty says:

    Never seen an ugly daylily; maybe some that aren’t as pretty as others, but not ugly. Wish I had time to garden. Up to my thinning hair in prom dresses while hostas, daylilies and truck loads of henbit soak up these warm temps. Was thinking of taking A & JE to see Cinderella, but…did I mention prom dresses? ugh


    • The Queen says:

      Not real fond of musty orange and brown…plus they have taken over on half of the bed. Change is good right? The same principle applies here as it does to painting walls…you can always paint over it if you don’t like it OR you can always dig it up. Right?!!! You have henbit there too? I spent Sat. AM pulling up the little pests in rock gardens. Will spray next. ANd I love hostas altho I haven’t had huge success with them. Yet. You need to take a break and go to the movies woman!! It’s just 2 hrs, depending on how far away the picture show is. *waving fairy wand your direction* POOF! Now go!!


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