Beef, the Cowboy Way

Have you ever had beef tenderloin?  Do you wish you had some on your plate right now?  Am I making your mouth water?

photo courtesy yahoo images from the Tom Perini Texas Cowboy Cooking

photo courtesy yahoo images from  Tom Perini’s Texas Cowboy Cooking

Regardless of whether you’ve had tenderloin before or not, take my word on this…you need a recipe for it.  A really, really good recipe.

Where will you find this recipe?  Well, here of course, silly.  It’s not MY recipe though.  I wish I could take credit for it, but nope, a fellow Texan gets the nod.  I suspect however, that he got bits and pieces from Aunt So and So and the guy down the road and…

Let me introduce you to Tom Perini, a cowboy beef expert.  He not only runs a ranch but a restaurant…that specializes in…wait for it…BEEF! And he’s headquartered in Buffalo Gap, Texas.  Can it get any more Texan than Buffalo Gap?!

My aunt gave us his beautiful cookbook years ago and it has sat, virtually unused, until last week.  Why then?

We recently spent a weekend with some old friends who live in the town where Big Boss coached and taught.  Their sons decided they wanted to cook supper for us one night and the featured meat was tenderloin!  I asked them just when it was that they hit oil therefore affording such expensive cuts of meat.

I’m telling you, that tenderloin would make grown men cry, women faint and small children behave! You could seriously cut the meat with a fork.  And the seasoning was perfection itself!

So I messaged their son and begged for his recipe so I could treat our family to tenderloin at Easter.  No problem he said as he scanned his recipe and sent it pronto!  He added,  “Oh by the way, it’s out of the Perini cookbook.”

I thought and thought…that sounded familiar.  Where had I heard that name? And within 3 seconds, I pulled the cookbook out of my shelves! Texas Cowboy Cooking. I had it ALL ALONG.

So…start saving up your pennies.  Check the couch for change.  Ask for gift cards from your favorite grocer for your birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day.  That tenderloin is just a trip to the grocery store away. Trust me on this!

As per usual, I made some small changes!


Perini Beef Tenderloin

5 pound beef tenderloin

Olive oil

Perini Ranch Steak Rub* (see below)

Preheat your oven to 475º  (yes you read that right).  Remove fat and silver skin from the tenderloin.

photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Or ask your butcher to do that for you.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo images.

Brush the meat with the olive oil.  Then coat the meat completely with the rub.  Insert a meat thermometer into the meat, turning the dial toward the oven window so you can see it easily.  Or get one of the fancy remote digital jobs! Place the meat into a shallow roasting pan (I sprayed mine with olive oil cooking spray just in case the meat stuck to the pan) or cookie sheet…just as long as it will hold the meat juices.

Place the pan in the oven, uncovered, for 10 minutes at 475º then lower the temp to 425º and continue cooking for about 20-25 minutes or until the thermometer reads 130º internally for medium rare.  Do NOT panic.  Once you take the meat out of the oven it will rest for 10-20 minutes and will continue to cook during that time.

If the tenderloin is larger than 5 pounds, you’ll have to adjust your cooking time some.  I did an 11 pound hunk of meat that was much thicker at one end so we cooked it about 15 minutes longer that the above times.   Just really, really watching that thermometer is the best way to judge doneness though. I figure you can  always cook it a little longer rather than risk over-cooking !

*Perini Ranch Steak Rub*

1 Tablespoon flour

2 Tablespoons salt

4 teaspoons coarse ground black pepper

1 teaspoon dried oregano

4 teaspoons garlic powder

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon granulated beef stock base (all I had was beef bouillon cubes, so just smashed one up)

Mix all ingredients in bowl.  I did this step ahead of time and put it into a plastic resealable bag.

The Perini Texas Cowboy Cooking book will be a wonderful addition to your recipe book collection.  Tom includes recipes from way back home on the range…when cooking was done at the back of a chuck wagon.  And recipes from his family…it’s an all-round great cookbook that you will use a lot.  For desserts. For veggies and soups.  You name it.  He’s got it.

Then, if you’re traveling in Texas and looking for a great meal, I’d suggest his restaurant…The Perini Ranch Steakhouse.  You can check it out HERE. And tell him I sent you. He won’t know me cause I’ve never been there but believe me, I plan on going. Soon.





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2 Responses to Beef, the Cowboy Way

  1. Kitty says:

    I tried this on a venison back strap for supper today (thankfully the feller what dresses our deer removes all the “undesirables” from the loins before he packages them); tweeked the time and temp b/c I don’t eat rare venison. It was so flavorful and moist. I usually cook my pork loins this way; don’t know why I never tho’t about applying it to venison, too. Love, love, love the rub.


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