We are still here!

I have good intentions.  And then, the phone rings…the doorbell rings…hungry people show up in my kitchen…dirt calls my name.

Oh yeah. It’s spring.  Things on the farm are definitely in the boiling stage.  Computers needs tweaked so corn planting can commence.  Yes, our tractors have GPS and help the guys plant in straight rows.  Cana you believe it?  Big Boss told me yesterday that he’s SO glad the boys retired him from crooked corn row planting!  He and computers have a hate war…forget the love part.  He stated that IF he was planting now, I would have to ride shotgun to keep the stupid computing thingy going.  Color me glad too.  The boys can handle that part!

And cattle have to be moved onto pasture ground.  Then off pasture ground. And worked.  That means they get their vaccinations and are run through the chutes to check for this and that.  Gotta keep them healthy and happy!  Believe me, they are loving this warmer weather as much as we are!!

Water wells have been checked by now and serviced and repaired and tested, along with the irrigation systems that are also computerized.  Son #2 can check on all of his wells with his smart phone. What will they think of next?!!

With our latest expansion, lots of repairs and updating is going on at that yard…fences to repair, mills to update, chug holes to fill, roads to grade.

And then there are gardens! Mine to be exact.  For the last month…or more, I’ve been digging and pulling up and hauling off and straightening.  So IF you’d like some irises or day lilies, I’m your woman!!

Why am I remodeling the backyard?

1. It needed it.  Badly!

2. I wanted to try some new plants. And, there was no room at the inn. The day lilies were marching to take over the world and doing a pretty darned good job at it!

3.  Some of those day lilies bloomed darker colored posies that you could see..they just blended right into landscape.

4. The irises had multiplied to the point that I needed another yard for just them.  Time for discipline.

5.  I decided to plant some veggies amongst the flowers!  Will it work.  Only time will tell.  But some veggies get lost easily in a large garden.  Like carrots.  And rhubarb. And garlic.

6. I wanted to.  🙂

So, garlic is now resting happily as border for the irises and rosemary and Blue Eyed Beauty osteospermum.




The rhubarb is snuggled up to the peonies, replacing day lilies.


Spinach is all lined up behind the basil, which you can’t see because they are teeny tiny babies yet. And borders more peonies and a rose bush. They replace day lilies.


A carrot  bed awaits seeds with brand spanking new dirt surrounded by rocks. They replace more day lilies.


Goji plants are the newest experiment!  Do you know that goji berries are amazing, nutritionally speaking?  So they now reside in the herb garden while another new one sits where a renegade rose bush once lived.


Yep, things are hopping at Ruff Farms and no slowing down will be even considered until snow flies.


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2 Responses to We are still here!

  1. heartfelt4 says:

    I’m getting tired just reading this! We’re starting to rev up too. First truck load of flowers today, another tomorrow. Half-a-dozen truck loads of shrubbery/trees came already. Roses arrive this afternoon. I suspect Spring is here even though we had snow last week! This weekend we begin opening on Sundays 11-4 during May & June. I’ll be submerged for two months and will only come up for air during July 4 week, when we’ll get Sunday’s back. I can’t wait already. Hope your garden grows well, Debbie!


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