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Where in the world is Waldo/Meemaw

Still here and paddling like crazy! So much has been going on and so much to do yet.  I have plans!  I have dreams!  I can envision SO many projects! And yet…I have many projects to finalize. Finally. One that … Continue reading

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So, I was working on this cake…

Not much time to type/write BUT… It’s raining!!! Again! It’s cold!!! Still! Mud is everywhere! And cake’s are in the making. Again! First person to guess the theme, gets a prize. Not sure what, but I’ll figure that out later. … Continue reading

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Breathless in KS

We’ve had RAIN!!!  And more is possible!  As a Texas native, I have always appreciated a good rain…but now, as “mature” Kansas farm wife, a good rain equals the birth of another grandchild.  Almost.  BTW, we seem to be have … Continue reading

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Know who this cutie is? take 2

The first magazine my mother took in the ’50s was McCalls.  It’s arrival was anxiously awaited every month.  It was full of fashions, crafts, homemaking tips, sewing….and yes, paper dolls. When the magazine would arrive, I would quick go to the … Continue reading

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Joy in the Mailbox!

Three of my favorite movies arrived in the mail today!!!  I had searched and searched but, alas, no luck.  I did find one in Hastings but it wasn’t Blu Ray, so it was time to pull up Amazon and just … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Find It

  No.  Not your keys. Not the remote. Not your smart phone. Not your glasses.  None of those things although I launch searches for these things on a daily basis. Note: if you talk to yourself as you put that … Continue reading

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