Joy in the Mailbox!

Three of my favorite movies arrived in the mail today!!!  I had searched and searched but, alas, no luck.  I did find one in Hastings but it wasn’t Blu Ray, so it was time to pull up Amazon and just order them!!

After hearing that Harper Lee’s book was being released this summer, I longed to see To Kill a Mockingbird again.  It was nowhere to found on Netflix or satellite TV.

Oh the agony!  Why would they not have these classics?  No idea, but I fixed that.

Now Chariots of Fire graces our shelves. Finally.


And To Kill a Mockingbird waits patiently for its turn.


But for now, How Green Was My Valley is gloriously airing once again.  And this probably means, I’ll be dragging out my old copy of the book soon.


Argghhh!  I don’t have time to watch though. Maybe a few minutes while I eat my lunch. And rest.

After all, dirt is calling name!

PS I can’t wait for the grands to watch these!!!  Although, I do worry about the black and whiteness of the older movies. 🙂

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6 Responses to Joy in the Mailbox!

  1. PM says:

    Oh, you do know a good movie when you see one. Did you ever see the Day of Discovery special about Eric Liddell’s daughters going back to China the places he had been? It was lovely too.


  2. The Queen says:

    I missed it. Wonder if it’s online anywhere?


  3. PM says:

    Pieces of it are on You tube. I’m still looking for more.


  4. Fancy Nancy says:

    I took my art team to see Woman in Gold (not a classic but will be some day). We loved it!!! I think you would too! It’s a great art history movie!


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