When You Can’t Find It



before sewing

No.  Not your keys. Not the remote. Not your smart phone. Not your glasses.  None of those things although I launch searches for these things on a daily basis.

Note: if you talk to yourself as you put that phone on the piano. Yes people “may” think you’ve lost your mind, but in actual life, there’s a solid psychological reason for talking to yourself. Or maybe it’s just me. If I say out loud, “unplugged the curling iron”, I don’t go into a panic 3 miles out-of-town because I’m not sure if I did, indeed, unplug the curing iron.  Or “My glasses are on top of my head”…of course there are times when my sweet grands will sigh and say “Meemaw, they’re on your head”.

I digress. As usual. Where was I?

Oh…finding what you want.

imageThis is specifically, a shopping  phenomenon/problem. Am I right? You know exactly what you’re looking for.  Shoes. That don’t hurt. That won’t endanger the financial stability of the farm. That are cute. But not teeny bopper cute. And don’t look like your great-grandma’s shoes.  Shoes that you can wear with your black  capris and your jeans.

But alas, you found them. Just not in your size.

So you get the idea.  Sometimes shopping for a specific thing is a nightmare! And sometimes you don’t know what “it” is until you see “it” and “it” screams, “ME!! ME!!”

I had searched in Home Depot, Sam’s, Sears, Target, Walmart, Menards, Tru-Value…but could NOT find the outdoor love seat that was perfect.  I had looked at quite possibly every site on line known to mankind…either they definitely would threaten our farm economics or the fabric was icky or the frames were weird.

Finally, on my 3rd trip to Home Depot, I gave up.  I just got the love seat whose frame I loved, the price was right and fabric wasn’t weird but it wasn’t what I had in mind.  It was denim, which is blue, so that can’t be horrible?!


My next stop was at Hobby Lobby to search for some mini umbrellas for a grand’s cake. No luck, but as I walked past the fabric section, for some reason, I stopped to browse. Normally, I don’t unless I have a quilting project in the making. Actually, I think it’s genetic. My mother cannot resist the fabric section.  As I teenager, I was sure we’d just pitch a tent at the local Fabric Mart and live there forever.  You don’t hurry Mother in the fabric section.  Every bolt of material MUST be examined, felt, pulled out, checked for flaws and then replaced, exactly as she finds it. And weirdly enough, I seem to be developing the same quirk. Don’t judge me as I can’t help my quirkiness.


Digression is also a quirk of mine…so, almost instantly, I headed towards the duck material…not actual ducks printed on it.  Duck is a heavy grade of cotton that is coarsely woven and used for sneakers, bags, outdoor pillows!  YESSSS!  Why didn’t I think of that before!!? And they had the perfect design with the perfect colors. I LOVE this fabric design!!  Exactly what I needed to zap the dark denim up a couple of steps!!!  AND….there was a sale on all duck fabrics.  YESSSSS!  Score TWO for Meemaw.



After sitting at sewing machine for a little over an hour, I had 3 pillows done and on the Plain Denim love seat!  They added the exact splash I wanted out there on that back porch.  For the exact amount of $$…$4 a piece, instead of the going rate of $15-30 per!

I’m now considering the matching fabric that has a larger design on the rocker seat pads.  They’re kind of dull too. And something for the rock wall behind the love seat.  And what to put on the table…besides manureish dust.

But dirt calls my name and I need to get carrots planted!  And wait until you see my raised strawberry patch project.

Note: Big Boss is praying that this the last of my projects for this growing season.  Probably my grands too.  I tend to pull them into my  projects.  They’ll thank me later. I hope.   🙂

PS I’m going to spray the pillows with water-proofing stuff that the guys use on hunting gear.  It should work.  More on that later….

PPS  Almost forgot…the moral of this story is, you may not find EXACTLY what you want, but sometimes you have to put the old creativeness to work and change it.  Just a little.  Reminds me of some shoes I was looking for once….


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6 Responses to When You Can’t Find It

  1. Carol says:

    A fabulous and perfect find at Hobby Lobby….just what the love seat needed. I’m sure at least the girl grands will thank you later. You continue to amaze me, Debbie.


  2. heartfelt4 says:

    That fabric just POPS! Great choice! The pattern reminds me of the ceiling of the Broadway theater where Eileen and I watched Dan Stevens of Downton fame in ‘The Heiress’ two years ago. The ceiling was better than the show! Exquisite! I love catching glimpses of your homestead, Debbie! *sigh*


  3. I am sooo thankful for my home ec teacher. Many times I just make what I want. I like your outdoor seating area. Looks like a great place for a morning cup of coffee, afternoon lemonade. ..oh by the way, did you turn off the coffee pot??? ☺ I can relate.


    • The Queen says:

      Ha ha! I got one that turns itself off. Smart huh?! It IS a great place in the mornings. Five of the grands gathered around to cool off with some root beer this afternoon!


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