Breathless in KS

We’ve had RAIN!!!  And more is possible!  As a Texas native, I have always appreciated a good rain…but now, as “mature” Kansas farm wife, a good rain equals the birth of another grandchild.  Almost.  BTW, we seem to be have a drought on babies also.  Just a helpful jab at DiLs…

So, in the midst of yet more cakes for birthday grands, track meets are commencing, corn planting is winding down, rental house is getting a face lift, grass is growing/mowed and gardens are exploding.

To catch up on cakes, granddaughter #1 decided she wanted to design and help make her birthday cake this year, so….


IMG_1695 IMG_1706

And grandson #5 chose an Avenger themed cake…he’s a bit of a techie geek so I always hold my breath when he tells me what he wants!


Number Two Son “just wanted a chocolate cake” to celebrate his 40th, so a Triple Chocolate Cheesecake cake was baked with hazelnut filling and Sour Cream Chocolate frosting. (Maybe THE BEST chocolate frosting EVER?!!!)

and to end the month of April, granddaughter #4 chose…wait for it…wait…A FROZEN CAKE!  Can you believe it?!!  But, she marches to the beat of a different drum..therefore, we had an Olaf in the SUMMER cake.  Gotta love that gal.

Olaf in the Summer

Olaf in the Summer cake

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