Where in the world is Waldo/Meemaw

Still here and paddling like crazy!

So much has been going on and so much to do yet.  I have plans!  I have dreams!  I can envision SO many projects!

And yet…I have many projects to finalize. Finally.

One that I want to do desperately and am pretty sure I have all of the elements…except maybe the right glue…

Found it in my last trip to Texas.  Mother and I visited a new antique shop in the vicinity and the outside was what I loved BEST!!

Just look at this. Can’t you visualized this in your flower bed? Or maybe dress up a bed that needs some color? And all with stuff you have in your basement or garage or storage room…or under your sink!!! As soon as I figure out how to do this, I’ll share. Meanwhile…dream, plan, visualize! 🙂

Glass Pretties

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5 Responses to Where in the world is Waldo/Meemaw

  1. Kitty says:

    Yeah, seems like a lot of trouble for me. The closest I’ll get to that is pickin’ up those blue beer bottles from the side of the road that some john brown jack leg threw out his truck window because he thinks my yard is a …….. oh, snap out of it, Kitty! I just turn the colorful beverage containers up-side-down in the gardens. Then the foliage covers them up and I forget about ’em. Maybe you’ll post a pick of yours when you get a round toit


  2. Fancy Nancy says:

    Glass totems? Check my Pinterest board called Garden and I have several pins with these and a few telling how to do them. I haven’t gotten around to doing any though. I do have a bottle tree now that I love that a friend made me.


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