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Tubs of Greens aka Senior Gardening

This year’s experiment in gardening has been a galvanized tub of fancy lettuce, kale and whatever popped up from last years crop in the same tub. The idea was/is to localize the smaller crops in a more convenient location…as opposed … Continue reading

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

We can almost see it. It’s just around the next turn.  We’re so close, you can almost smell it! There’s been one big breakdown.  So far. But thanks to our mechanic, the combine driver (#3 son) and several heads standing … Continue reading

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Need a Break for your eyes?

Are you tired of the junk on TV?  Is Facebook getting old? Does Pinterest repeat itself. A lot? I have just the thing.   “Treasured Old Timer” Image courtesy I discovered this guy a looooong time ago..right before we … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

Re: the birthday cake whose inspiration was clouded…week before last? A Facebook follower guessed the theme of the cake and the promised prize has been delivered. Just so you know…. And for those of you who don’t do FB, the … Continue reading

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While we’re at it…

At the aforementioned new antique shop, where I found the pretty glass art, I also found something that I WAS NOT LOOKING FOR. Happens every time.  I had nothing special in mind…just browzing.  Yeah right.  I had already stumbled across … Continue reading

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