We have a winner!

Re: the birthday cake whose inspiration was clouded…week before last?

A Facebook follower guessed the theme of the cake and the promised prize has been delivered. Just so you know….

And for those of you who don’t do FB, the theme was the TV series “Gold Rush”. I wasn’t familiar with it but grandson was! He knew every detail. When he brought out black pickup to go with the CAT machinery, I didn’t get the connection. At all. “They always drive up to the job site in a black pickup.” Of course.

And then he helped decorate the whole shebang. Little gold nuggets went all over the place and he had a blast doing it.

So here’s the completed cake…chocolate fudge with hazelnut filling and sour cream chocolate frosting.
Gold rush construction cake

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1 Response to We have a winner!

  1. Ann Edgar says:

    Good job, Kody & Meemaw. Happy Belated Birthday!!


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