While we’re at it…

At the aforementioned new antique shop, where I found the pretty glass art, I also found something that I WAS NOT LOOKING FOR.

Happens every time.  I had nothing special in mind…just browzing.  Yeah right.  I had already stumbled across the cutest little end table thingy that had folding leaf and little drawers…very tempting, but had no idea where I’d put it.

Then I turned a corner and there she was…Grace Kelly!!!

Grace Kelly as Amy Kane in High Noon

Grace Kelly as Amy Kane in High Noon

Amy Kane's bridal dress

Amy Kane’s bridal dress

Or a reasonably good likeness of her.  Remember the fifties movie High Noon? Well, this is a doll made to replicate Amy Kane’s aka Grace Kelly’s wedding dress.  I couldn’t believe it!  I hadn’t even heard of such a doll, but sure enough, Danbury Mint made one back in about 1985.

The doll wasn’t mint and had no box or tags, BUT she was in great condition.  And the price was more than right!!   $20!!!

Grace Kelly in High Noon wedding dress

I know. You’re wondering, “What’s the big deal about this?” I have NO idea other than I’ve always been fascinated with Grace Kelly.  Several years ago, Franklin Mint came out with a Grace Kelly doll portraying her real life wedding gown.  Have I mentioned I;ve had a penchant for bride dolls since childhood?!  Grace stands proudly and beautifully in my glass case.  Which fascinates my granddaughters.  Must be genetic.

Grace 1 Grace 2 IMG_2562 IMG_2557

A couple of years ago, they were all gathered around my glass encased dolls and wanted to know about each one.  When we came to Grace, I told them about her acting career, her marriage to a prince and her death due to a car wreck.  One granddaughter was absolutely enchanted.  Every time she comes over, we have to go see Grace.  The doll that died.  Her words exactly.

And, of course, they ALL want Grace the Bride Doll one day. So I’m thinking, I’ll just add a couple more Graces and we’ll have a deal.

In the meantime, Grace from High Noon awaits her turn to be played with and admired.  No, I haven’t given her to one of the grands. Yet. First, I get to enjoy her.   🙂


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2 Responses to While we’re at it…

  1. Karen says:

    If your interested in another one Grace Kelly as Amy Kane and I have Gary Cooper as the Sheriff in its original box and never been displayed. I have a few dolls if you are interested. I can send pics if interested.


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