Need a Break for your eyes?

Are you tired of the junk on TV?  Is Facebook getting old? Does Pinterest repeat itself. A lot?

I have just the thing.


Image courtesy of

“Snow Clad Relics” Image courtesy of

"Surrounded by Old Friends" Image courtesy of

“Surrounded by Old Friends” Image courtesy of

"Awaiting Battle" image courtesy of

“Awaiting Battle” image courtesy of


“Seasonal Awakening” Image courtesy of


“Nightwatch” Image courtesy of"Treasured Old Timer" Image courtesy

“Treasured Old Timer” Image courtesy

I discovered this guy a looooong time ago..right before we moved from Texas to Kansas.  The minute I locked my eyeballs onto his creations, I was hooked.  The detail. The colors. The emotion. The exactness.

Dalhart, was his first name.  Well, it still is as far as I know.  Windberg is the last name. And man, can this guy paint!!!!!!

His art is “realist”. No abstract junk included.  And landscapes are his game.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that a student of his was teaching a week long class close by!!  I cannot tell you how much I learned that week. And that was 35 years ago.

That bring me to this:

Dear Mr. Windberg,

I’ve been an admirer of yours for a long, LONG time.  You amaze me. You move me. And I just love to stare at your paintings.  Your technique is perfection and I love that you major on Texas inspired subjects.  Keep it up.

For some reason, I thought of you today.  Maybe it was the Kansas wheat harvest landscape that is alive and well right now here.  I wondered how you would portray the prairie literally working alive with combines, trucks and tractors with dust flying everywhere and men drenched in sweat and dust.

I can see it now. Makes me want to grab my brushes and paint and get to it.  But alas, my tubes of paint are dried up and it’s 40 miles to the closest artist supply shop.

Maybe on my next trip for groceries, I’ll swing by and pick up some basic colors.  Wow. It’s been so long since I painted, I’m not sure I remember how.

In the meantime, I’ll just drool over your canvases and dream about owning one of those babies someday.

A Crazy Art Freak and also Fan 🙂

And according to his website, he’s still teaching!!!!!




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5 Responses to Need a Break for your eyes?

  1. Melinda Strickland says:

    Years ago, Windberg would sell his prints in various department stores; he would set up shop himself and sign the prints when purchased. I have several of those hanging in our home. Now, Windberg’s studio is very near us, and art teachers I knew at Liberty Hill JH were in art groups with him. Therefore, I know where you can find cheap lodging when/if you wish to visit said studio!


  2. Rachael Herring says:

    Love the landscapes of my childhood Texas. Beautiful. How many people will Liberty Hill accommodate? 🙂


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