Tubs of Greens aka Senior Gardening

This year’s experiment in gardening has been a galvanized tub of fancy lettuce, kale and whatever popped up from last years crop in the same tub.Tub garden

The idea was/is to localize the smaller crops in a more convenient location…as opposed to the big garden out back.  Lettuce, spinach, herbs, garlic, carrots and grape tomatoes often got lost out there.  They all needed total weed-free environments with quick and easy access to water. Plus a little shade!

So, in went the garlic alongside the lilies and iris.


Rhubarb nestled in amongst the roses and peonies.


Basil thrived happily in little nests around the lavender.

Kale edged the end of the flower bed cozying up to rosemary and carnations.

Kale and rosemary

The iris got transplanted and the carrots moved in!

Carrot flower bed

And the tub welcomed the fancy lettuce starts purchased at the greenhouse.  Normally I would have started my own seeds, but while browsing the wondrous display of veggies, I stumbled on a six-pack of fancy lettuce.  It was beautiful!! And I thought of my tub and BOOM, a mini garden of greens was born.

Lettuce and tomatoes

I got 4 good cuttings for Spinach Strawberry Salad before the lettuce bolted.  More will be planted as soon as I can get to town to find either seeds or starts.
Tub strawberries
But this experiment goes down as a Win!  I’m now thinking I’ll do more container gardens.  Already, strawberries are going nuts in 7 different containers ranging from a 10″ clay pot to a 6′ stock tank.  No stooping to pick or weed, easy to water and fertilize…but you MUST keep them watered. Often and a lot!

Bonus photo…purslane in my tree stump 🙂

Purslane tree stump

I call this the Senior Method of Gardening. I like it. Altho I haven’t traded my traditional garden in. Just yet! 🙂

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3 Responses to Tubs of Greens aka Senior Gardening

  1. I began raised bed gardening last summer. It is much easier on my back and knees. We expanded with two more beds this spring with two more planned to be put in in the Fall when it is COOLER. They do require quite a bit of water, but no more standing on my head weeding and the weeds are minimal. You can use soaker hose or drip irrigation to deep water once or twice a week depending on temperatures and the type and size of your container and the amount of sun it receives.
    If only the rest of the landscape was so easy.


    • The Queen says:

      I’m wondering why I didn’t do this sooner! You’re right about the water tho…when the temp hits 100 degrees and the KS wind is ripping around 40 MPH, watering in the AM and evening is a MUSST!!


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